Bulls + Acrobats= OMG

This is the bull fighting arena in Angra.
Ryan and I purchased tickets for this event.  We were told no bulls would be killed and that there would be some acrobatic action in the ring.  It was originally scheduled for Saturday night, but when we showed up we were told it was postponed until Sunday afternoon.  Oh well, we went to a local town for a bull fight Saturday night instead (pictures of that to come later).  Lucky for us, we had no plans on Sunday, other than the pizza baking, so we were able to attend.
This was my first time in a bull arena.  These guys are from one of the teams.  They were more colorfully dressed and these were the crazy performers.  Not that the others guy weren't crazy for chasing around and playing with these bulls, but these guys here were extra crazy.  Keep reading to see what I mean.
The other neat thing was that a live band was present to play very festive music.
Ok, now for the good stuff.

This was a gentleman from the other, crazy, but not as crazy, team.

After this round, there was a 10 minute intermission.  So we made a run for the concessions stand.  I am such a local ordering a Sagres (brand of beer) and a donut.  These are the Portuguese version of donuts.
Now, back to the bull fights.
Here you can see a guy holding a pole.  They actually used these to catapult them over the bulls, like a track and field event!

This guy actually just landed from doing a flip over the bull that was charging at him.
This was hilarious.  The guy grabbed the bull by the tail and held on.  Do you want to know why?  Keep scrolling and look at the next few pictures.

Holy cow...or shall I say, holy bull!  What was this guy thinking.
Here is the same crazy guy.  I managed to get a picture of him upside down while doing a front flip over the bull.
I mostly took videos of this event because they moved so fast that it was tough to take the picture at the right time.  They were really crazy guys.  They did front flips, dive forward rolls, back flips over the charging bulls, and even went over the bulls like they were hurdles.  It was hilarious.

The day was gorgeous, so we went into downtown Angra.  Although everything was closed, we decided to wander anyway.  Food places were open, just not any stores.  Since we were on foot, we were able to find more places than if we were quickly driving by.  We found this cute little place.
I was immediately drawn in by the HUGE dessert case right in front.  Was I really hungry after my donut and beer?  No, not really, but you will see why I couldn't pass up just a taste of one of these goodies.

Can you guess which of those items I ordered?  I'll show you in just a second.

They even had meal type foods here, including a buffet.
Now, on to the treat I ordered.  If you guessed the chocolate filled cupcake, you were right.
It was almost like a pudding consistency.  It was soooo good.  But, sadly, I couldn't not eat the whole thing.  I tried so hard, believe me!
I also had a coffee to finish out the cafe experience.
QUESTIONS:  Have you ever been to the circus or an acrobatic type show?  Do you have any dessert cafes near where you live?


Mari said...

I used to go to the circus but as of recently I stopped going because of animal cruelty...I saw some videos and it really bothered me =/

Beth said...

We went to Cirque du Soleil when it toured last year and it was fantastic! I'm hoping to see the show at Disney World next time we are there!

Sook said...

Fun fun!

Anonymous said...

What an interesting event!! I am with Beth - I've been to about 4 Cirque du Soleil shows - all in Chicago. My mom is a huge fan so I am usually her date when they come to town - lucky me!

And yep - your dessert is definitely insulin worthy in my book!

Thanks for your last comment to me :D

Nicole, RD said...

I've been the a circus, but I'm not a fan of clowns! :)

Beer + donut...if I were to sin, that would be how! 2 of my favorite things! I have SUCH a weakness for both items!! The chocolate filled cupcake looks fantastic, too! I'm loving all the bulls!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Sounds like a fun event! I've been to the circus and have seen one Cirque du Soleil show.

The cupcake looks amazing. And the coffee even better! Yes, I LOVE coffee! ;)

Jessie said...

Oh my goodness, that man on the bull's back ... he must either be very brave or a bit tipsy! I'll go with brave :) Glad you had a good time!

I've only ever been to the circus and that was a LONG time ago. I didn't like it because I thought it was too loud. Hey, I was like 6!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

How amazing!! I could never do such a thing, especially getting on top of the bull like that. Crazy. Do they think they are invincible?!

We do have a dessert cafe near our old apartment, and Nick and I frequented the place, called The Chocolate Cafe, back when we lived there (it seems like such a long time ago!!). They had great coffee, ice cream, and of course, CHOCOLATE!

Simply Life said...

wow, I have never heard of acrobats combined with bull fighting - crazy!!!

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