Heading to Boston

When I found out FNCE was in Boston and I was living in the Azores, it seemed like the perfect timing to head to FNCE.  The last time I went was in Philly a few years back and coincided with my college 5 year reunion in Allentown, PA, which was perfect timing too.

In the summer, flights go from my island direct to Boston, but in the winter they have less travel to smaller islands and those large international planes can be a waste of space.  My plane had a layover in Ponta Delgada on the main and largest island of the Azores chain.  There is a large Azorean population in Boston/Fall River area, so it makes sense that the island airline goes to Boston too.
While there I picked up a fish pocket type snack, but it did not seem like fish to me, so I panicked and tossed it out.
I got a cheese sandwich instead, which was much better.
Funny how I am headed to a food conference and the whole start of the trip is food.  Alert: There is mostly food to come in this post.

First up is my lacto-ovo veggie meal.  Tell me if you notice anything strange in the next picture.
Yes, that was fish I was served in my lacto-ovo meal.  I do eat fish and this was delicious, but I wondered how their only veggie option was called lacto-ovo and it was a fish dish.

When I got in to Boston I had to go through customs and all that sorta stuff that comes along with travelling internationally.  I managed to find the right bus, get to the subway, and then find the correct connecting subway, all with the help of a few nice Bostonians.  It was tough because it was dark, cold and getting really late, but I did manage to get to the hotel where my friend and former coworker Holly was waiting for me.  Another friend from Vegas and former intern of mine was upstairs at the bar waiting too.  As soon as I arrived (which was around 10 or 10:30) we quickly ordered some dinner.  Yep, this is dinner #2 for me.  I ordered a flat bread with mushrooms and goat cheese, plus a nice Blue Moon beer.
Aurora had a big bowl of clam chowder.  When in Boston, eat the clam chowder, right?
After that I just about passed out in my nice comfy bed at the hotel.  The next morning I jumped on the American bandwagon of that early morning Starbucks tradition, and I ordered a pumpkin latte and an apple fritter.
I haven’t had an apple fritter in so long so I splurged and thoroughly enjoyed this.
Once I was fueled with, um…fat and sugar…oy vey, I headed out for some sightseeing.  I will admit I was freezing and it was just so bitter cold that I did not fit that much in.  This library was near my hotel and on the way to the subway station.
Once I found my way on the subway over to the State House area, I walked a little there.  I did get a chance to go in the State House Museum and learn about the Boston Massacre and all that good stuff.  It is such a funny little building that remains while the city grew all around it.
Then I headed to Quincy Market, early in the morning, and so it was not quite so busy there yet.
I spotted a bagel place and was thrilled to get some lox cream cheese.
Yum!  I have nothing like this on the island now unless I make it myself.
If I had someone with me I may have joined him in this picture.
Look at these great fall shots.  Despite being cold, there is nothing like fall in New England.
There are certainly a lot of leaves on the ground.
I did make it to the Convention Center to check in and get my bright green back pack, before heading back with Holly to the hotel and then to hit up dinner.

We went to Legal Sea Food for dinner.  See, they even have nice bread here to start too.
I had the sole stuffed with lobster, mushroom and goat cheese, served over glazed root veggies.  This was awesome.
Holly had the grilled swordfish, and it was really good.  Yes, I did try a bite.
Then Holly’s friend was passing through and met us for dinner, and he ordered this lobster, stuffed with seafood.  Does it look to anyone else like this little guy is waiting for a belly rub (like a puppy)?
Well, that is it for Saturday.  Sunday was the real start of everything, so more information to come.  I attended a lot of good events, good sessions, and of couse the expo where I tried so many yummy foods.  Stay tuned…

QUESTIONS: Have you ever been to Boston?  What is your favorite fall spot?

**NOTE** Thursday Thoughts will return next week.


Unknown said...

I have been to Boston, when I looked @ BU for college! Aren't you glad I didn't go there?

I think there is a Legal Seafood in the harbor - never been though!

Emily said...

So jealous that you got to go to Boston for FNCE! It looks like you had a great time and found some great eats, too. Can't wait to read more about your trip!

Beth said...

Sounds like a great trip kick off!

Judy said...

Melinda, I've been to Boston once years ago and loved it -- Fanuel (spelling?) Hall Market, the Children's Museum,and a great fish place (was it Jimmy's?). Your sole stuffed with lobster looks so great, my kind of food. And we lived in Allentown (actually Whitehall) for 2-1/2 yrs. before moving to Long Valley, NJ. So I guess we have something in common. Thanks for entering my Kikkoman giveaway. Come back and comment some more to increase your chances of winning!

Holly said...

I noticed you didn't rat me out for the 3 glasses of champagne Friday night (and then 3 more on Saturday night). LOL! Anyone else see the 'funny' in Sole stuffed with Lobster and Lobster stuffed with Seafood? Inside, outside, which way, side way? Oh, guess that's just me. Shut up Holly, have another glass of champagne (just kidding, have to get up early tomorrow for work so no bubbly tonight).

@Mer - there are Legal Seafood restaurants all over Boston. We went to the one in Copely Mall (and there is one almost just across the street at the Prudential Mall). The one on the waterfront (next to the Renaissance Hotel) is called Legal Test Kitchen and I had Monday morning breakfast there (traditional breakfast buffet, not seafood unfortunately).

Thanks for the wine & the chocolate & the bread :). Nice to see Melinda's point of view of this meeting/town. Gonna fess up about your shopping experience?

Rachel Lauren said...

Haha, why would SATA airlines give me a choice between VEGETARIAN and VEGAN if they don't know what vegan is? I would have taken fish, except I didn't want to run the risk of getting dairy in my meal, so I went with vegan only to get indian paneer the way there and pasta with a TON of cheese on the way home.

Boston was ok. Too cold and rainy while we were there, and we weren't packed for winter. so we didn't have good clothes. And Chris was sick. I did love the bed at Marriott copley though! marshmallow bed...

Wagamama was so good! I don't like Legal Seafoods...I was dragged there in Florida once. I didn't like it.

Melissa said...

Aww, you were right down the street from my apartment. I hope you had fun in Boston and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of your posts about the conference.

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