Little Miss Chatterbox, and other adventures

Does anyone remember Little Miss Chatterbox?  That would be me...yes, I talk a lot.  So for Hanukah, my sister bought me this mug.  I only opened it recently (and she may have sent it a little late), but better late than never.  I love this mug!
Here are some other goodies that I got recently.  This is from Earth Balance and I won it from a photo contest.
Remember when I went to a pampered chef party?  Here are some of my goodies.  I got this can strainer and can opener, which does the smooth edges.
I couldn't resist on the little serving tongs.  Why?
Because I couldn't resist getting this chilled tray.  You freeze the bottom and use it for fruits and veggies, or deviled eggs, even chips.
  DSC09001 DSC09002
On Good Friday (I only know it was Good Friday because of the following events) we went to try a new restaurant that opened in a spot where another restaurant we went to was located.  This is called O Chico.
It was still Passover, so I brought my own matzo.  It worked out perfectly because they served cheese and butter so I ate it with matzo instead.
Ryan could have all the bread he wanted.
I ordered fish and it came with salad and potatoes, which made a nice safe for Passover meal.
Ryan went with the steak, as he so often does when we go out.  Of course he does this for good reason.
DSC09022 DSC09023
This is how I knew it was Good Friday.  We left the restaurant and heard drumming and a marching band.  It sounded like music from The Godfather, so we thought perhaps it was a funeral procession.  Turns out we weren't too far off and this was a march down the street carrying a statue of Jesus on the way to the church.  It was an interesting experience.  The Azores (and Portugal) are very Catholic.
QUESTIONS:  What are your traditions for the Spring time holidays (Easter, Passover or other)?  Have you ever been to a parade/march like this before?

So, I am getting ready to travel soon and will post some while away.  Just be on the look out for great posts on food and sights while I am traveling.


Gina; The Candid RD said...

I am a chatterbox too. There is an employee where I work who always gets mad at me because he says, "I talk too much and am too loud". HA! He's a doggy downer.

We don't have many spring traditions around here. We're so boring. I would love to visit you and Ryan even just for a day to get a glimpse of this culture I've been reading about for two years now!

Melinda Walker said...

I remember those little parades. It was super annoying when you were trying to drive somewhere and there were these people walking very slowly right in the middle of the street. Interesting to watch though.

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