Warning: May induce craving for Italian food

Playing Super Mario Bros for the wii may be hazardous to your appetite!!!
After playing this with Ryan for a few hours on Saturday and a few more on Sunday, we had a serious craving for Italian food.  No joke, he was thinking garlic bread and I could not get pasta out of my mind.

So our solution was a trip to Buzios, a fairly American type of Italian restaurant.  I think every employee speaks English and most people in there are Americans.  So far the meals have been great and last night's meal did not disappoint.  As usual, we started with some olives, very garlic-y.

Followed by some more garlic, with the garlic bread that Ryan was craving.

Although I did not have a drink (other than water of course), I did love this Heineken mini fridge fully stocked.

Ryan and I split a Greek salad.  Why is it that whenever I get Italian food, I find myself enjoying a Greek salad?

The were offering eggplant parm as a special and since it was served with a little pasta, I decided to order this.  The game must have been giving off subliminal messages because Ryan was feeling the same thing and so we both enjoyed this fab dish.

No dessert for us this time, but they do an amazing looking bananas foster, flambeed table side served over ice cream.  trust me, I am going back for that in the near future.  Instead we just had some coffee beverages to end the meal.  So European!  And this is my fave kind of coffee too.

So, unless you are really in the mood for Italian food, play Super Mario Bros very carefully and set a limit or I swear you will be heading for some good Italian eats!

Ryan and I did have a lot of fun playing the 2 player version as it required a lot of team work.  Good thing we make a great team. 

I am off work this week, but Ryan works today through Wednesday, so I had a nice quite breakfast to myself.  I am still enjoying my nice Nature's Path cereals.  This was my selection this morning.

Very tasty.  I was lucky to have Ryan come home for lunch.  I finished the eggplant parm and he had a bagel with cream cheese.  He wasn't too hungry, but I was and I knew I had to load up on something to give me fuel for my 30 day shred video workout.  So far I am lovin it.  Now I have taken a shower and I am just starting on a paper for my next grad class, which is an intro course for human relations.  So I must get back to work.

QUESTION: Have you ever been playing a game or watching TV/DVD and it made you get a craving for something?  If so, what was it?  Any crazy subliminal messages you think you have been exposed to, whether they were real or not?


Tricia said...


Anonymous said...

Haha, I love the title of this post. If I didn't just eat a late breakfast, this might've proven true.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Love love love your new layout!!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

The television commercials I see everyday ALWAYS have an effect on me! I try to fast forward through them, as they don't necessarily make me crave that particular food, just food in general. It's annoying! I could have even just eaten something and it effects me.

I love that you are Ryan are always eating olives. Nick isn't a fan, but I keep my own special stash in the fridge :)

Anonymous said...

That's so funny that the video game gave you a craving! :) The food looks delicious!

Reading lots of food blogs gives me cravings...

Have a great week! :)

Melissa said...

There was a joke on SNL that the Mario Brothers are good role models for Italian Americans.

I used to love playing Super Mario on Super Nintendo. Yoshi was my fav!

Beth said...

I love garlic bread. So much. And now I want some.

Noel and I enjoy playing Lego Batman together for Wii...it's another one of those cooperation games!

Mari said...

HA that is too funny!

If I am ever watching a tv show or movie and the people are eating Chinese or Pizza, I usually want to order some.

When I was younger and would watch the Smurfs, I would want berries and when I watched Popeye, I wanted spinach! ohhh and if I read Archie Comics, I wanted burgers because of Jughead ha

Melissa said...

I love that game. So much fun.

I think Greek salads are associated with Italian food because many Greek restaurants serve pizza and the two kind of melded.

I always want cheesecake after I watch a Golden Girls rerun!

Anonymous said...

Super Mario is always good for something : )

That lasagna looks SOOOOO cheesy and delicious! YUM!

Anonymous said...

Lol, I crave Italian all the time. But I crave it more now!
I usually get cravings when I read British books. Always for cucumber sandwiches and tea and scones.

Anonymous said...

Yep.... definitely craving Italian now.

I have never been a big video ggame person. But my mom got a wii last year, and it's a lot of fun!

Katie ♥ said...

Great blog!!! Just found it and love it!!! I got my son the nario game for xmas, cant wait to play it!! Wow yummy italian food!!!!!!!!

Makng me hungry!!!!! Have a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE super mario.. old school.. lol

YUMMY Italian food.. looks fabulous. You and Ryan seem to have some really great places to choose from (variety wise).

Enjoy your Tuesday, hun :)

Anonymous said...

That garlic bread looks so good! I love anything garlic though. Wish I liked eggplant, it always looks so good, but I think its a texture thing.

Naomi(Onefitfoodie) said...

hmm sometimes reading too many food blogs messes with my mind! i end up craving all sorts of goodies!!

that garlic bread looks sooo good!

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