Cheap Date

Speaking of cheap, what could be cheaper than leftovers and other quickly made at home snacks.

Ryan was busy making little soft tacos with chicken and cheese, so I came up with this idea.  I used cheese with the crab surimi (AKA pollock) and a little old bay seasoning.  This was the perfect fast dinner, and cheap.
Like I said, leftovers for lunch, totaly cheap, and even better when it comes from a From Scratch meal like this one.  I decided to save some calories by doing these black bean burgers open faced.  I topped it with some of the leftover mango salsa, and I was full for hours...and full of good nutrients too.
Friday I had the day off from work at the American school because they had parent-teacher conferences.  I finished my grading for Kaplan, and all I had for the day was a 5 page paper to write for my upcoming grad course on base here.  So I thought, what better way to spend my morning than at the spa. 

I stumbled into this place a few weekends ago, and was impressed by their cheap prices.  I used to go to Canyon Ranch Spa in Las Vegas, and they are quite pricey.  Well, I went because my friend and coworker Holly worked there as a dietitian, so I was eligible for a friends and family discount.  Oh but it was worth it!  Therefore, seeing these prices, I was all about the spa day.
Here is the massage table.  I took it with the flash on since it was kinda dark here.  I love the purple.
Haha, they had this fun shower in the room.  Nope, didn't use it.
After the massage, I also got a manicure.  Love the shiny pinkish/purple color.  I was so impressed that the 50 minute massage and the manicure only cost 42.50 Euro, which is about $58.  Not too bad.
The rest of my Friday was pretty relaxing, and I did finish writing my paper for school.
Here is more proof that I am cheap date.  Friday night dinner was at a "fast food" restaurant, Kono Pizza.  I say fast food because the set up is ordering at a counter and then you go find a table.  But, there is nothing super fast here as everything is made to order.  

Isn't this little Kono Pizza guy cute? 
We had no intention of ordering these cheesy garlic breads, but the table next to us got some, and well, we couldn't resist.
Salads, to start.  That is fresh cheese in the middle, but it kinds looks like tofu.
Ryan ordered the tropical salad with pineapple.
Then the main attraction...the kono pizza.  Yep, pizza in a cone.  Mine is on the left with "cream cheese", smoked salmon, lettuce and tomato, but in the bottom is warmed with tomato sauce and some cheese, like a pizza.  Ryan had one with tomatoes and fresh cheese, just like the tofu looking cheese on my salad.  YUMMY!
and cheap...just about 15 euro for Friday night dinner, which is about $20, and this included drinks too.  Not too shabby!!!

QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite spa treatment?  What is your favorite "cheap" dinner (dining in or dining out)?


FoodFitnessFreshair said...

That cheesy garlic bread looks really good! Favorite spa treatment...any kind of massage. Rarely do I treat myself to this, but they are like heaven!

Special K said...

I am single, so a MASSAGE definitely...but bing over here, they do AWESOME body scrubs...

and for the cheap "date" in me. Something with beans.

Kristen @ Change of Pace said...

I wish a massage and manicure was that cheap over here! That pizza looks incredible! Do you eat it like an icecream cone?

chow and chatter said...

oh what fun, your so cute

Astra Libris said...

Your nail polish is so gorgeous!! I love spas, and wish there were more economical in the states! :-) So cool that the beautiful one you went to was so affordable! My favorite spa treatment is definitely a massage... :-)

The cone pizza looks SO yummy!! How clever and creative!! I totally would have ordered the cheesy garlic bread too... :-)

Emily said...

Sounds like such a relaxing day. I would love to get a massage for all of my tight and stressed muscles!

My fave cheap dinner is homemade pizza...sooo good.

sophia said...

I've never been to a spa before...and I certainly wouldn't be able to resist that cheesy garlic breads either! And the kono pizza...ah, my brain is churning with inspirations to recreate that myself!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I want a kono pizza! They look so good. I love fun food! :)

Favorite spa treatment? A massage. A rare treat... :) Your price is definitely a lot more affordable than around here... I love the color of your nails.

Have a great week!

Simply Life said...

I love using up leftovers - not much is better than a delicious meal already made! :)

Unknown said...

i do love a mani/pedi. cheap eats...probably Holy Frijoles :)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I LOVE imitation crab!! Seriously, it's one of my favorite foods :) I think that was a very smart idea, and cheap is good, as long as it tastes ok. For me, cheap is a good meal at home. I love taco night and pizza night (Nick does too).

Your nail polish looks stellar. I have to buy some before spring comes, my nails need some work. A pedicure is needed for me too!

Can't believe you'll be in the states soon, Melinda! I'm excited for you to eat all the foods we always talk about, and you wish for :) Although you always have the best foods too!

Melissa said...

That's a really good price for your massage and manicure. Glad you took some time to pamper yourself!

And pizza in a cone is really different. Fun meal!

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