Honey, I'm home...

Wednesday night, Ryan came home from work and was like "Do you wanna go somewhere for dinner?" and I was like "Sure!".

Down to Praia we went and enjoyed a nice Italian dinner at La Barca.  Since we always order the same thing, I am sure you are bored of these pictures...I always post them.  But on this night, we added a few things.

Bread as always to start.

Nothing like a bottle of wine on a "school" night.  This was very good.  It is a mainland Portugal wine.
I had a craving for bruschetta.  This was tomato and onion, with no cheese on top.  It was very good and hit the spot.
Ryan...yep, tortellini time.  Those are the same tortellini's that spawned the 'From Scratch' movement.
I had tagliatelle with veggies tossed lightly in olive oil, with some fresh grated cheese and some fresh pepper.
No holding back here after the meal.  Ryan enjoyed our favorite chocolate cake.  Here it is all dressed up and ready to go.
I went with the chocolate "fudge" and ice cream.  I am not sure they understand the true meaning of fudge, but this sure was fudgy.
Sometimes it is nice to just randomly head out to dinner mid week.

QUESTION:  Do you ever come home from work mid week and just decide to head out for dinner?


Tricia said...

Everything looks delish!

And no, we never randomly eat out anymore. We've given ourselves a 2x a month max for the past year and so far its been successful. This way eating out feels like such a treat!

Sounds like your mid-week surprise meal felt the same way simply becaus it was out of the norm. Have a great weekend. :)

Unknown said...

Amazing eats!
Loved your blog :)
Have an amazing Saturday!
Brazilian XOXO´s,

Lele said...

Dining out midweek is so crazy fun. It feels so subversive (at least if you're me!)

Mari said...

I love when we decide to go out for din din in the middle of the week, it breaks up the week and adds spice to it...

I will dream of pasta tonight lol

tasteofbeirut said...

sounds like it was fun! Like the pasta dish and the wine to go along with it. the dessert was not too shabby either! Cheers!

Special K said...

To be honest, I NEVER randomly go out. That's beause I am single, I think, and don't have a guy in my life inspiring me to do so. Most of the people I work with have families, and random outings aren't condusive!
Looks lovely!

Simply Life said...

WOW! Great meal! We're actually pretty good about sticking to our scheduled meals - basically because I get so excited each night to try new recipes I've planned! :) But I love when we do get to go out!

MelissaNibbles said...

Delicious dinner. Your pasta dish looks amazing. I like that it's a simple dish too.

We never go out to dinner, but I think it makes it more special when we do. More of an event I guess :)

Unknown said...

we rarely go out mid-week...i think that's b/c we cook so much that there are always leftovers. mmm...

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