What's the best part of our from scratch meals?


Ok, that may not be the best part of these meals, but it is a close second.  On monday night I enjoyed a leftover tortilla stuffed with sauteed veggies, surimi, chopped tomatoes and shredded cheese.  This burrito was off the hook.  I may say these tortillas froze so well and were so easy to use again.
Tuesday night was breakfast burrito time.  This included some provolone cheese (we ran out of the others), eggs, and surimi (AKA fake crab).  This was so incredible.  The provolone actually made the dish because the flavor went so well with both the eggs and the surimi.
Speaking of delicious treats, here are some others from this past week.

My FAVORITE of all time brand of PB.  This time I finally opened my chunky can.  I was holding off because I knew it would be awesome, and it didn't disappoint.
Spead it all over a nice chocolate rice cake.
Last night ryan made a frozen blueberry soup.  No longer so the milkshakes go in a cup, it's all about the bowl.
Yesterday's post included our trip to the local grocery store and I shared the photos of the massive cheese section.  This was the cheese we purchased.  It is made right here on the island.  You can't get much more local than that.
Hacked into my cheese!
This whole wheel was only 8.05 euro, which is about $10.95.  I imagin in the states this would be much mroe expensive, especially because the cows here all seem to be grass fed (see below!) and raised I think without antibiotics and all that jazz.  All I can say is the cheese here is fantastic.
So i cut some up for me and Ryan to enjoy.
Here you can see how thick this piece really is.  Ok, my hands are kinda small, but you get the idea.
Haha, this was from a drive by cupcaking I experienced the other morning.  I have been subbing most of this week and into next week for a math teacher.  I was getting ready for school when one of the eighth graders runs in and says "Are you our sub?", I said, "yes", he said, "here have a cupcake...ok, gotta go, thanks..." and took off.  It was more like a little citrus muffin, and I found out later her only gave them to 4 people so I was very honored.  Then he did give more out because he got hungry in class, so he was nice enough to share them with some classmates.
As for grass fed cows...they're back!  Same cows, different day.  You can see the grass, and this is where they eat, sleep and go to the bathroom.  All that, and they have an ocean view.
Happy Friday everyone!

QUESTION:  What is your favorite way to stuff a burrito?  You can use any fillings imaginable.


Mari said...

do you ever play with the cows? lol are they friendly...

Beth said...

I want that cheese! Can you bring some to baltimore when you come? I'll trade it for cake ;-)

Unknown said...

wow this is a very big question! i guess it depends on what meal it is. for breakfast i like eggs, cheddar and sometimes, if I'm feeling festive, salsa! if its lunch, I'd have to go w/ a little rice, black beans, chix, cheese, lettuce, tomato & hot salsa. nom nom nom!

Special K said...

Aren't we lucky that "organic" doesn't need to be labeled here, it just is.
Okay...right now? nanners and avocado with a nutella spread. Throw in some white beans, an it is a complete meal

sophia said...

I actually hate burritos. Just not a fan of them! But if I were to make a burrito, it'll probably be an unconventional one. And most of all, NO rice! Eek!

Gosh, that cheese is invoking all sorts of jealousy I never knew I had! Wow!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Drive-by cupcake?? haha, I love that! I want one.

Your breakfast burrito looks awesome. I don't uy the fake crab often, but I should because I really do love it. It's good on salads and in soup, but I had not thought to add it to a burrito!!! Such a great idea. I like eggs, cheese, veggies, and Greek yogurt in my burritos. And Red Hot!

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

I eat so many leftovers and am always shaping them into new meals. I love this, especially when the food is really good the night before! Crazy Richards is my favorite too!! I really do go Crazy with that PB...Sometimes I end up using peanut butter in some way in half my meals.

Jessie said...

I love local cheeses! They really reflect the place where they come from. I love stuffing burritos with beans and cheese and roasted veggies - a great combination. Have a wonderful day!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

The cheese looks amazing!!!!

And I think leftovers are the best part of from scratch meals! It's great to know exactly what you are eating and who made it without all the work and clean up... :)

I love burritos and always include spicy salsa and avocado.

Have a great weekend!

Corinne @ Green Grapes Blog said...

You've enticed me with that pb ... I need to find it! Always love trying out new brands, but haven't found one to match the TJ's one yet! Maybe this will:)

Your burritos look great! In mine: cucumbers, tuna, sprouts, carrots, lettuce, mushrooms, & mung beans in a ww wrap with a touch of teriyaki! YUM :P

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