I'll take a table with an ocean view

Thank you everyone for your comments on the tortilla making.  Next time I want to do whole wheat and also corn.  The reason we didn't go with corn this time was we were trying to do it as much from scratch as possible and we didn't have the time to actually grind the corn.  I will say in the future we will be doing this, but the easier route of not actually grinding our own corn.  Some of you gave me suggestions for the corn tortillas, so thank you for your input.

After our Mexican meal, Ryan really wanted a nice milkshake, complete with low fat ice cream, skim milk and frozen strawberries.  Oh wait, don't forget a few squirts of no sugar added chocolate syrup.  This immersion blender, or as I call it, the magic stick, is amazing.  If you do not have one, you should get one.  The good news is that it is small so if you have limited space you can easily shove it between something.

Yummy!  Too much for me in one sitting.  I had to save some for later.
Have you seen this before?
Or this?  Ryan bought them at the BX.  We don't really have the ability to do a garden here, so this may be the next best thing.  If you have tried this product out, please let me know your thoughts.
Saturday night, the night before our From Scratch meal, but after our cheap Kono Pizza date, we decided to head to Porto Judeo to try Rocha.  I dined here once before, but Ryan didn't, so it was just as good as trying a new restaurant.
When we first arrived we had 15 minutes until the opened, so we walked down a side street to look at the ocean.  You can see the heavy fog that is just covering spilt rock off the coast of the island.

Then we walked back over to the restaurant.  I think this church looks neat with the dome, so I took a picture.
Here we are back at the restaurant, and this time they were open.
Mmmm, fresh cheese and a side of pepper spread.
Regular, fresh baked bread, and some garlic bread.
Ryan and I decided to split dinner, or rather we ordered the portion for 2.  This is a special dish of the island, and I have seen it on menus before, but never tried it.  It is called, in English of course, fish in a tile.  This is a clay tile pot and the food is cooked inside.  Yes, the tile is hot!  
It comes with fish, shrimp and potatoes in a creamy sauce.
It was very good and we both enjoyed it.

I couldn't resist snapping a picture of the menu where they had camel drool pudding.  Sounds good, but I was stuffed after this meal.
So instead I had a coffee and enjoyed my table with an ocean view.
QUESTIONS:  Have you ever requested a table with an ocean view?  Any other places you like to eat where the view just can't be beat?



Beth said...

I love restaurants with good views. We once ate at the restaurant at the top of the Contemporary Hotel at Disney World, and we watched the fireworks over the castle during our meal. We also ate a place once that was out on a pier in Cape May, NJ. There was water on three sides, the food was fantastic, and it was BYOB!

Unknown said...

we ate ON the beach on our honeymoon - St Croix: http://www.flickr.com/photos/mtargaro/3051071207/in/set-72157609726385227/

It doesn't get much better then that...Anthony Bourdain would be so proud!

Lele said...

Oooh, I'll be excited to see if you have tomato-growing success because I love tomatoes but I kind of suck at growing anything.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

We always request a table with an ocean view when we are on vacation (yeah, that's the only time we see the ocean!). It makes the experience so much better.
Those milkshakes look AMAZING. I got a cold headache just thinking about drinking one of those things. haha The camel drool pudding also sounds...well...NASTY! I bet it's good though, or it wouldn't be on the menu!
Happy NRD Day Melinda!

Michelle said...

I've never requested a table with an Ocean view, but then again i don't normally request special tables. WHAT a great idea though!!! It can definitely enhance a meal, especially one that looks as great as yours!! :)

Anonymous said...

Let me know what you think of that topsy turvy. I just saw the informercial the other day!

Happy RD Day!

Mari said...

Those pictures are so beautiful. HAPPY RD DAY!!!!!

Jessie said...

I love my immersion blender :) Perfect for root vegetable soups and smoothies.

I love ocean views, but I'm rarely by the ocean. We did eat at the restaurant where The Birds was filmed, in California, and the view was lovely from there (the food, not so much).

Happy RD Day!

chow and chatter said...

great view love the choc bar you designed happy RD day

Special K said...

Don't put K in a CORNER Um, I am not for corners, and if I am going out, where I am and the environment matters so much.

I saw those tomato gardens and was interested also. I was thinking that of course they work! A great sunny window and you'll have produce in NO time!

Shannon said...

I love ocean views while dining. I grew up on Cape Cod and my favorite restaurants were the ones right on the water.

I've seen the Topsy Turvy planters but never tried them. You'll have to report back.

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