Weekend Dining

Can you believe that there was a restaurant on this island, so close to base, that Ryan and I had not yet tried.  I was shocked too when I found out that there was a really good place to eat out at and we hadn't been there.  I was even more surprised when it seemed like I was the only one who didn't know about George's.  I guess this is in what used to be an officer's club off base, and George is the owner, so people call it George's.

The directions I was given were good, but dependent upon the tree with the green lights actually being lit up.  Hmmm, the first time we drove by, the lights were not on yet, but after we turned around, we were amazed at how well lit the tree actually was.

This place we have actually seen from down below as it overlooks the ocean and the brand new walking trail in town.  Fantastic view her because it is up higher and you can look down into the ocean.

We started with the traditional bread and cheese.

Who could pass up wine on a Saturday night, with a great view and great atmosphere.
Ryan ordered the hake, lightly battered and fried, served in the traditional way with potatoes and salad.
I ordered the perch, and we decided to split both, which was nice.  Both dishes were fantastic.
Dessert resembled an oreo cookie.  There were cookie crumbs on the bottom, then some heavy whipped cream like filling, and then the top was more crushed cookies.  This was very good, but I think having this much heavy cream mixed with just finishing a bottle of wine, was probably not the best idea I have ever had.
Of course, what is dessert without a meia da leite.
I am sure we will be going back to this place.

Speaking of places we go back to eat at on a regular basis, some of us from the grad class went to dinner with the prof before he had to head back to Oklahoma.  Since Buzio's is the restaurant of choice for many Americans, that was we were went.  This is a great place, although I do like others too, but this is always a good meal and the service is good too.  They tend to bring food out quickly, which is more the American way and not the European way of dining.  Sometimes a 2-3 hour meal is OK, but sometimes it is nice to have it done in an hour.

Ryan had the eggplant, which is our favorite dish at Buzio's.
I tried one of their specials that night.  This is their shrimp risotto.  Gotta love the heads on those big shrimp.  I forgot to ask for these without their little heads.  After fixing them up, the meal was very enjoyable.  I even ate some leftovers today.
They have really good tiramisu here, but there was only one slice left, so Ryan and I split a passion fruit pudding.
They are also known for their tableside preparation of bananas foster.
Two people ordered this, and we almost did, but we thought it would take too long and there were still things to be done at home.
Flame time!  I love that part.
The final presentation, um, sorry it is a little blurry.
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QUESTION:  Have you ever had bananas foster?


MelissaNibbles said...

I've never had bananas foster. I love watching it being made for someone else in a restaurant though. I always get cheesecake :)

Beth said...

I've never actually had bananas foster, but I do love a good tableside flambe! On our cruise they did crepes suzette tableside and it was awesome!

Unknown said...

never has bananas foster. that eggplant looks good :) see u soon!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Your meals out always look so special...

I've never had bananas fosters, but I've always wanted to... :)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Don't you just love discovering new restaurants? I do!! Nick and I discovered a great restaurant a couple months ago and now every time we want to go there is it PACKED with people, and we end up leaving. That's how good it is.

Your food all looks so good. At the other restaurant, I am impressed with the table-side preparation. That's rare around here. I have never had bananas foster. Can you believe that?! It looks delicious.

Melissa said...

I had Bananas Foster for the first time a few weeks ago. The preparation (and flames) were not as exciting as what you saw. But it tasted delicious!

Mari said...

I never had banana foster but it looks so good!

I want to jump into that picture and take a huge bite of that cheese.

Nicole, RD said...

I love that the prof is from Oklahoma - my neck of the woods (at least for now!). The dinner looks wonderful! I enjoy the 2-3 hour European dinners so long as the company is good. There were a few PAINFUL work dinners for Mark. Ugh!

Thanks for your sweet comment yesterday...meant a lot coming from a fellow RD :)

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