Weekend Breakfasts

Ok, for those of you who were on the edge of their seats waiting to find out which "fact" was true...it was #5.  I think most of you guessed it.  Seems I needed to be a little more tricky!

A little while back I ordered these books, but I haven't gotten to read then yet.  I am really looking forward to reading them as I find both topics really interesting.  Which book do you think I should look over first (I mean when I do get some time)?
This was the little coconut dessert that our landlords gave to use when we paid our rent.  They are definitely rich because of all the coconut and egg.  I liked it, but couldn't finish it in one sitting.  I love that we get goodies when we pay our rent.
Now on to my topic of weekend breakfasts.  Usually Ryan and I enjoy something other than our weekday breakfast.  I had a bunch of pictures that I hadn't posted yet of some past weekend breakfasts.  I think I get side tracked with the breakfast pictures once I have my from scratch meal pictures to post.

A few weekends ago Ryan wanted to make thie Mexican coffee.
The add ins...
That is a swirling cinnamon stick.
I just thought these pictures were neat.  In the end, the coffee was REALLY sweet and we could only drink a little of it.
One weekend we decided to revisit the bagel making from scratch idea.  This time the dough was WAY stickier than the first time we made them.  I guess it was more humid this weekend.
This time we added some seasame seeds to our bagels.
See how funny shaped they are.  They still tasted really good.
My fave way to eat a bagel.  Egg and cheese all the way!
Now this past weekend, we decided to enjoy some pumpkin waffles.  Yummy!
Lookin' good already!
We have a little waffle maker, but it is so nice to even have one at all.  Filling it up here.
These were great tasting.
QUESTION:  What is your favorite weekend breakfast?


Beth said...

I'm not a good breakfast person. Most of the time I just want oatmeal, STAT!, as soon as I get up. But sometimes I enjoy a bagel :-)

Unknown said...

i like eggs...it's really the only breakfast food i like! Matt makes me eggs on the weekend...with cheese :)

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

Weekend breakfasts are my favorite! I usually do an egg with an english muffin, or occasionally I'll treat myself to some blueberry pancakes! Homemade bagels sound amazing though.

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

The coffee sounds great! Love that you make your own bagels!!! So cool! Favorite weekend breakfast? I love anything with poached eggs...

Mari said...

my fave weekend breakfast would have to be pumpkin pancakes!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I would love to make those bagels sometime. When we move I will do much more experimenting in the kitchen because it will actually be a decent size...yeah! As for now, my favorite weekend breakfast would be the simple pancake.

I think you should read the genetics book, for sure. Then do posts about every chapter so I can learn too :) I am so interested in genetics and nutrition (nutrigenomics??).

Have a great weekend Melinda! I'm off to the big city of Philadelphia!

Simply Life said...

wow, I can't believe you made bagels! Nice work!

Nicole, RD said...

So neat! I thought you met your hubby in the library, I'm silly : ) It's great that you and your husband are so adventurous together!

The bagels and waffles look delicious! I think I'll go with crepes since I made them a few weekends ago and I plan to make them tomorrow, too :)

Have a great weekend, Melinda!

Astra Libris said...

Your homemade bagels look SO incredible!! You are seriously an amazing professional chef!!

My favorite weekend breakfast is definately whole wheat pancakes with chocolate chips - yum! During the week, my current fav is a smoothie with frozen fruit, Greek yogurt, and almond milk... but if you were here to fix some of your amazing bagels, they would be my very favorite of all... ;-) *giggles* How about I take you up on your invite to come cook for you, and then you can come to Georgia and teach me how to make bagels? :-)

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