Getting home

There must have been one rockin' party here the night before because it seems they were partying til the cows came home.  I have never seen this many cows leaving anyone's house before!  There might be only a few in this shot, but about 20-30 cows walked out of this driveway and then down the street.  It was a good way to leave the island, so typical.
Now, with the time change this weekend for Europe, someone had the bright idea to allow everyone an extra hour of sleep and set the plane time back 1 hour from the usual, meaning we got there a whole hour early because when I called, well, the person on the phone had no idea of this change and told me to show up at the usual time.  Well, this just meant Ryan and I could go out to breakfast.
Yep, that is a giant cup of canned pineapple, but it only cost $1 and so I couldn't resist even though it was canned.
This is so hard to tell, but this was the first time I ever saw a rainbow from this angle, looking down.  We were actually above the rainbow.  This was just after we took off from the island, so you are looking at the middle of the Atlantic Ocean right now.
I love that they feed you on this flight.  Snacks to start.
I was super excited that they had sprite zero.
Early on I asked the flight attendant if there was a veggie meal, and she said no, but if I ate fish I could have her meal because she already ate.  So I say a BIG thank you to her because I got to enjoy a meal.  Since there is a lot here, I did save some for later.  The flight isn't that long, but it is long enough.
Here is my fish entree.  It was actually pretty good.
Bean and chick pea salad.
Mmmm, the final snack of the flight.  I must confess, this is my favorite part of the flight.
I see land!  It's the USA!
So, that brings me to being home now.  This is where the fun begins and I get all kinds of goodies.  First up were these old books that my mom salvaged from my grandparents.  I have wanted these books from the time I was very young.  These are the Harvard Classics collection, printed in 1909.  I used to read these with my grandpa when I was little.  The first Shakespeare play i ever read was an edition from the late 1800's/early 1900's.  I need to go search for those right now.  My copy of Cyrano is from 1909 too I think, or maybe 1919.  I love these books.
Then my sister brought me goodies to share with her.  The boxes were half price at Whole Foods the other day.
Oh yes, she bought me my true passion in life...Crazy Richard's PB.  I am officially stocked up.
Dinner Sunday night was with my sister and some friends, old and new.  We went to Golden West Cafe in Hampden (Baltimore, MD).  Lots of vegetarian and vegan items on the menu.
The sign is so hard to read with the lights behind it, but it is still very cute.
Um, why were we sitting under the moose?  I guess if it rained inside, we might have stayed dry!
I ordered the breakfast polenta topped with tofu chorizo: yellow cornmeal mixed with parmesan and egg, then lightly fried until crispy. served with two fried eggs, tortilla, salsa fresca and chile sauce.  Oh the tofu chorizo was spicy.  Our friend Sam ordered this too, but with veggie sausage. 
My sister ordered the Vietnamese Warm Shrimp Salad: Sauteed with sweet onions and garlic over crisp romaine, fresh mint, cucumber, cool rice noodles, silvered carrots, crushed peanuts and nuoc cham sauce on the side.
Marty ordered, oh well, I tried to remember that one.  I know my sister will probably leave a comment on this post and let me know a) I am dumb*** and b) she will tell us what Marty ordered.  Well, at least I know he ordered the sweet potato fries!
Mer and Matt had eaten somewhat recently and decided beverages were a better option.
Ok, so that was my first night home, and then on my first full day home, which was Monday, I hit up the good stores.  My sister and I went to Target and then to Trader Joe's where I was able to get these awesome items.
Monday night was the first Passover Seder, which is why I came home to visit, but I think I will wait and get those pictures up in a separate post.

QUESTIONS:  Do you like to fly?  Where was the last place you flew to?  Do you have any really old books?


Rachel Lauren said...

I got mine with the awesome peanut sauce, not the nuoc cham! :) And... Marty got.... a burger or some sort. with sweet potato fries!

I love airports and flying!!! Then again I haven't flown in a while.... so I might not like it as much now with all the most recent airport security. My flying rule however is always wear flip flops, no matter what time of year/weather. Makes the taking off shoes part so much easier. lol

MelindaRD said...

Yes! Rachel to save the day! Thanks sis, you're the best.

Beth said...

I don't *love* to fly but it's a means to an end, and it's way better than driving places (I get really antsy after about 4 hours in the car!). I get pretty bad motion sickness, so I drug up for long flights. The last place I flew was to New Orleans for our cruise! Boy was that a turbulent flight on the way back--I was so sick! But still way better than 24 hours in the car!

Astra Libris said...

Happy Passover!!! I'm so excited that you're the chef for the sedar - I can't wait to hear about your culinary creations!

I LOVE to fly - soooo excited about your photo of the rainbow from above! Way cool! :-) The last place I flew to was back home to Louisiana in December... :-)

Your old leather books are gorgeous!!! I have such a weakness for older editions of books - and collecting books in general! :-)

Rachel Lauren said...

HAHAHAHA She made the salmon. I made the asparagus. Everything else was bought from a store. Mama don't like people cooking in her kitchen.

Why do english muffins always look so good in pictures? I try to like them...but I just REALLY don't. They always LOOK like they'd taste so good though.

Mari said...

The last time I ever flew anywhere I was about 15 Years old...I remember really enjoying myself but for some reason I love train rides even more!

Welcome home!!!!!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I'm not crazy about flying. But I'm always very excited about landing in a new place! :) Your airplane snacks look good! :)

sophia said...

I groan abt flying...but honestly, if it's LONG-distance, as in, going to a brand new country overseas, then I love flying, because the excitement just keeps me in a brilliant mood.

Nicole, RD said...

That was sweet of the flight attendant! I hate to fly that far! We want to go to Singapore and Thailand for our first anniversary and Mark keeps putting it off because of the flight :)

Have a great time in the states!

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