I Love Your Blog Award

It seems like forever ago, but Jessie from The Happiness In Health passed this award along to me.  It is nice to know that someone out there loves my blog, who is not my mom, aunt, sister o my grandpa who are readers every day.

There are tons of great blogs out there and I love lots of them.  So, I want to pass this I Love Your Blog award on to these fine blogs, and make sure you check them out too to see why I enjoy reading their posts.

Shannon @ Lessons to Learn
Sophia @ Burp And Slurp
Gina @ The Candid RD 
Nicole @ Prevention RD
Beth @ 990 square 
Kristen @ Eating RD
Kristen @ Swanky RD 
Emily @ The Health Nut 
Rachel @ Coconut Crumbs 

I really love all of the blogs I read daily (or try to daily), but the list would go on forever.  These are just to name a few of the many awesome blogs out there.  

Now since I shared with you some of the blogs I love, please share with me one suggestion for a blog I should go check out.  

Thanks for reading, thanks for posting, and thanks for commenting.

Oh, and thank you for your input on my last post.  Stayed tuned for my responses to those questions.


Mari said...

I love most of the blogs on your list! =) great choices...they are all amazing ladies

Beth said...

Aww thanks Melinda! I love reading your blog too! So much so that I'm trying to convince Noel to take that transatlantic cruise so we can stop in the Azores!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the award! Love the links - a few I don't know too! :D

Rachel said...

Melinda. Many thanks are in order! First, thank you for the lovely award. I feel very honored! Second, thank you for posting that link on my recent post. I am checking it out right now..so helpful!! I confess that when I made the move from undergrad to dietetic intern, the online mess of nutrition information became a huge concern for me. Slowly I am learning how to go to the right resources. I agree that RDs are nutrition experts (to relate to your last post), and half of that game is knowing where to turn for reliable information. Thanks again Melinda, and congrats to your lovely blog!

Jessie said...

A well-deserved award, Melinda! :)

Shannon said...

Awww! Thanks so much :) You know I love your blog too. I love these awards because I always find one or two new ones to check out as well!

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