Banana Bread Debacle

Oh, I don't even know where to start with this one.  Let's just say the idea was good in theory.

I have this almond flour from nuts on line.  Ryan had some overripe bananas.  Do you see where I am going with this.
If you were thinking I decided to make banana bread and alter the recipe a tad, you are correct!

Too bad I decided to wing it and just experiment.  I started with my wet ingredients, which did follow the recipe.
But then it was time for the dry ingredients.  I was determined to use this almond flour.
It was still pretty liquidy so I added some regular flour.  Did I really think it was as easy as adding the almond flour in the same amount as the recipe called for regular flour? Nope!  Haha, I thought I would try anyway and play with the recipe as we went.
Still a little on the liquidy side, but I poured it in the pan anyway.
Then I let it bake.   And bake.  And bake.  Yes, it took a lot longer than expected to bake, and the top was burning a little but I could see it was not baked all the way.

When I pulled it out of the oven I said, "What do I do now" and Ryan responded "Dump it!" referring to the cake rack on the counter.  Oh my, it is like the blind leading the blind.  Here is the result...
Reduced carb bread anyone, LOL!  Yes, the entire inside fell on to the rack and counter and we were left with the crust in the pan.

Here is the bread, and at least some was salvageable.
Thankfully we both laughed about it and just stared in amazement.  The next day Ryan asked "Where did we go wrong" and I responded with "Dump it!".  After a good laugh we actually took the cookbook back out and remembered we were supposed to let it cool in the pan 10 minutes and use a knife to loosen the edges.  Duh!  Lesson learned...not only should you not put the cookbook away until you are 100% done, I also know to loosen things before turning upside and shaking.

The good news is that the bread tasted awesome and I will be experimenting with almond flour banana bread in the future.  The other good news is that the banana bread mush worked out well for a tasty treat.  I added some chocolate chips on top and heated in the microwave.  Ryan even topped his with whipped cream.  
Just goes to show you that looks aren't everything and taste prevails!

QUESTIONS:  Have you tried any variations on classic banana bread?  What was your biggest kitchen debacle?

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Simply Life said...

ha, this is pretty funny - I've definitely had a similar thing happen with breads!

Also, THANK YOU so much for your advice/feedback about living overseas! I read it to my husband and it was really helpful!!!! =)

Beth said...

LOL! I think I probably would have sliced it out of the pan. anything that's as soft as this looks should never be flipped out!

Julie said...

I also had trouble with a bread recipe, but mine was Pumpkin bread. Same thing happened as yours - I cooked it for a long time, then turned it upside down and it went everywhere. :) I had tried to use whole wheat flour instead of white, and apparently the ratios didn't work out very well.

Cher Rockwell said...

Oh, I have done that with a cheesecake... Cheesecake oozing through a cooling rack. Not so pretty.
At least you made the most of it! Most things are salvageable.

Ally's Sweet and Savory Eats said...

My sister-in-law uses almond flour for almost everything, and she has told me it takes some getting used too (i.e. burning around the edges, but sometimes taking longer than the recipe recommends). Better luck next time?

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I love experimenting in the kitchen, even if it's a failure! I love that you both still ate the part that was edible. Some people would just toss it...what a waste! I bet it was still pretty good too, it sounded good! My aunt just dropped off some leftover breads (including banana) for Nick and I to have. She doesn't eat gluten and I know they are gluten free, but I forgot to ask her what she used. I will have to ask because they are deeeelicious!

Unknown said...

we make chocolate chip nutella banana bread, yummooooo!

Biz said...

Glad you were able to laugh about it - sometimes I just get pissed off when a recipe doesn't work out.

I had the bright idea one time to put my baking stone on my gas grill and get it super hot to grill pizza.

I turned it on, came out and the stone was cracked into three pieces - my husband came out to me throwing the pizza stone in our back yard!!

Melinda Walker said...

Never tried any banana bread variations but the island bananas are the best I have EVER had. I did not like bananas until I tried the tiny ones and they are soo yummy. I wont eat any other bananas. They make the yummiest banana bread too.

My biggest kitchen debacle?? In 4th grade, while everyone was asleep, I decided I wanted Mac and Cheese for breakfast. So I began cooked it and I guess I went to watch cartoons and forgot about it until I heard a weird noise. I go into the kitchen and there is smoke everywhere. Being 9 and having no idea what to do. I took the pan and put it on the floor of the porch, which was linoleum. Needless to say my dad was none too happy and when we removed the pot half of the linoleum tile came with it.

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