Finally some Fusion Cuisine

On this island the most ethic we get is Portuguese...and that is only ethnic cuisine to us Americans!  In all seriousness, we get good food here, but it is mostly the same presentation.  We have a Chinese restaurant, and there was an Indian restaurant that closed down.  But again, the food is good and I can't complain...just would like some variety from time to time.

We heard this place called Six, on the other side of the island, serves sushi and other Asian fusion type cuisine.  I knew I had to get there before we move because I really wanted to write about it on my other blog which is for Americans on the island.  Finally we decided to take the trek and search around for Six. 

It was not an easy task as we managed to veer to the right when it was more like a left and the directions said straight.  Thankfully the owner speaks English and helped us find our way.  You can imagine how easy it would be to pass the street when this is the only sign indicating to turn.
The blue lighting was helpful.
As I said, this place serves sushi, but upon questioning we discovered you need to call in advance by 1 day so they can get the ingredients and special prepare it for you.  As a result she indicated that we should call in advance and remind her who we are and she will happily have it ready for us the next night.  I totally understand her reasons for this.  It seems in the past some people from the base have requested it and then not shown up for dinner.  I wonder if they did this not on purpose, but rather because they never found the place.  I made sure to bring my cell phone and their number, but I could see how easy it would be to not have their number on you and just give up.  The place is about 30-35 minutes away and only open for dinner, so searching in the dark can get frustrating.

Surprisingly this was not the first time Ryan and I were here.  Once on a drive to explore the island we passed by.  They weren't open at that time, so we left, but in the time since then we never passed it again.

So here it is...
Loved the decor inside.  Very bright and welcoming, which is helpful because in the parking lot I felt like I was in a horror movie.  Not kidding, there were cars broken down in the lot with grass growing up, in and around them.  We thought to ourselves those must be from previous guests that never left...yes, I watch too many horror movies.
We started with bread and olives.
DSC08403 DSC08404
We also ordered the Thai spring rolls.  These were excellent and even more so because there is nothing else like it served on the island.  Not to mention it was good we ordered them because then it tool about an hour or so to get our meal.
The place quickly filled up and I think there is one chef who prepares meals one at a time to order.  Does not seem efficient, but that was my impression, and I know others who have raved about the food.  It could just be that it was a Friday night and a few tables all sat down at the same time.

Ryan had the tandoori chicken.  He said it was good, but not the best he has had.
I had the curry fish.  It was good, but I was thinking it would be baked fish and not breaded and fried.  Plus, we waited so long I was not really hungry when the food came.
We passed on dessert but did order some coffee.
 DSC08408 DSC08409
Since then I have spoken with another friend who said the meal was the best she had, but agreed the tandoori chicken was not the best (someone in their party ordered it).  She said everything else is great.  I wonder if Ryan and I will try it out again.  My sister is coming to visit once more before we move so I think I will take her there one night.  I will call ahead for sushi this time.

Since I said that meal at Six was very different for the island I thought I would show you a typical Portuguese meal we had just a few days after the meal at Six.  This time we dined closer to home at Garca in Praia da Vitoria.

Bread to start, which was the same as the other place.  I am not sure people would like it if they weren't served bread.  It is very popular to have bread with the meal, probably because they start with cheese and then often have soup, and the food sometimes has thick sauces that are nice to dip bread in.
Ryan and I decided to have some wine, but went with a small bottle.  I love that with many wines we have the option for a small bottle.  They do not do wine by the glass here so this is the next best thing.  I thought it was funny that the water bottle was bigger than the wine bottle.
Ryan had the house dish which is a steak.  Typical meals here are the meat/fish, potatoes and a vegetable, but steak here in the traditional way comes with potatoes, rice and a fried egg.
Here you can see the more traditional meal pairing of the fish, potatoes and vegetables, plus a salad.
I had grilled codfish.  It was good, so I was happy.  Many times it is just too chewy for me.  It helps to cut it the right way.  Flaking it with a fish knife really makes a difference.  Look how big this piece of fish was...I couldn't even finish it.
You can see why we were eager to try a place known for their fusion cuisine...I think the fusion is the flavors of Asia paired with the traditional plate set up, as you can see some similarities in the meat, rice, veggie pairing. 

Speaking of sushi...
They started carrying it in the freezer section of the commissary.  It's a spicy tuna roll, but the strange thing is that it is tuna fish like the kind from the can and not so much raw tuna.  We picked up a few and Ryan can have them for lunch.

Oh, and another new commissary item was the Lean Cuisine steamer bag meals.  I tried two of them and they were better than I expected.  I don't eat many frozen dinners anymore, and when I do they are Amy's, so it was nice to have one that I did not think was just really awful.  It is amazing how your tastes can change when you start making more home cooked meals and eat less frozen dinners.  This here was the shrimp and pasta, and I forget the flavoring now, but it was tasty.  It seems like the sodium was higher than some of the other Lean Cuisine meals.
Last up is a random picture I have, but I wanted to share that these habanero lime tortillas from Trader Joes are so good.  We used them to make quesadillas.  Delish!

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QUESTIONS: What is the most unique restaurant you have ever been to?  Is there any restaurant you have been dying to try?  What do you like to stuff into quesadillas?


Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I love all your dining adventures on the island! Sorry the food at Six wasn't as special as expected. Can't wait to see if you'll try it again and if you'll like it better!

I have many restaurants on my "list." We hardly ever eat out, and the restaurants I really want to try are not necessarily toddler-friendly... :)

Simply Life said...

most unique restaurant was one I went to in Spain that was hosting an octopus festival - everything had octopus! it was quite the experience!

Jessie said...

I'm glad you had a chance to get some Asian fusion for once, but I'm sorry to hear the food was not all that good. Did you and Ryan ever decide if you would go back or not? I always love the inside looks we get of your Portuguese meals. So much delicious fish, and the bread sounds like a great dipping tool :)

I haven't been to too many restaurants - I guess the most unique was a fancy lunch place in our state that served us 8 or 9 courses - I left there stuffed!

Emily said...

I would love to try traditional Portuguese food; it looks delish! I have been to a few types of ethnic restaurants, but my fave is definitely Mediterranean food. :)

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