Hot, hot peppers and Green, green soup

Every day for the past few weeks I have walked by the bakery section, looked at this flat bread and thought it would make an awesome pizza.  Each time I also walked away from that counter empty handed.
That was until 2 weeks ago when I mentioned it to Ryan and he saw me staring this down like I just had to have it.  He agreed it would make a nice pizza and thought we should get some ingredients to make it that day for lunch.

While in the produce section Ryan found these cute peppers.  We assumed they were hot peppers but we did not have any idea of the level of hotness.  Really they were just too cute to pass up.
I was thrilled when Ryan suggested mushrooms to go on the pizza.  I could eat mushrooms day in and day out, but Ryan is not much of a fan...until now!  He is started to enjoy them more.  I never force them in the house, but I think my frequent use of them has grown on his taste buds.
DSC08412  DSC08415 
We each took a piece.  I added the sauce and the cheese.
DSC08416 DSC08417
Ryan worked hard on these peppers, totally forgot the gloves, and in the midst of his hard chopping work he discovered these were DARN HOT!
Well, the super hotness off the peppers did not stop of from adding it to the pizza and then covering with mushrooms.
The pizza was great...a little too spicy, but great.  I loved it with the herbed flat bread.
Last week I also made 2 dinners as I aim to do each week.  I kept it simple and went with fish tacos, which are a quick and easy go to in our house.  It is so easy because I use the tilapia fish sticks.
I had these tortillas from Trader Joe's but they are big so I decided to make this more of a burrito than a taco.
I just piled in some fish sticks, topped it with lettuce, cheese and tomatoes, and dinner was served.
My second dinner for the week was this broccoli and mushroom soup from the lovely Rebecca over at Chow and Chatter.
These are the stars of this dish.  Again, I snuck some mushrooms in there, but Ryan didn't mind.
I have been enjoying chopping veggies.  I just like to look at my counter top with all the prepped ingredients, ready to go and often so colorful.
DSC08454 DSC08455
This started with some red onions, garlic and the mushrooms.
Then went the broccoli and some veggie broth.
Here is where things get really fun.  Gotta love the immersion blender.
Please do not let the color scare you.  Ryan was not a big fan of the color, but he gave it a try anyway.  He was glad he did because he really liked the soup.  
I can't say I blame him for the panicked look on his face when I ladled this into his bright white bowl.DSC08461
It was a delicious soup!

I hope everyone is having better weather than we are.  We are in a cold spell and it has been hailing on and off for 2 days now.  That's ok with me because it means I can were my new rain boots.  They certainly brighten the day.

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QUESTIONS:  Do you like hot peppers?  Have you ever served a food that tasted good but looked unappealing?


Unknown said...

Oooooh that soup looks good! I might have to try that - we have an immersion blender!
YES, love HOT things in my house!
Your boots are cute :)

chow and chatter said...

he he I know that soup is not so pretty :-) I thought the fish pie I made was boring looking too but tasty love the rain boots

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I LOVE spicy food, and I bet I would have loved your spicy pizza!

The soup sounds wonderful even though it's not that pretty...

Hope you'll have better weather soon!

Mari said...

Yummy can you come cook for me?????? I like hot food so I love hot peppers =)

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

I love your new rain boots! Adorable!
That soup looks excellent! I need to get an immersion blender. Such a great tool to have!

sophia said...

I don't know...I thought the soup looks good!!! I love green foods so that would certainly make my mouth water.

I hope the weather clears up and gets warmer soon...but with that cold spell means that spring is near! :-)

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I think a majority of the food I make is good but unappealing! Especially to Nick :) I did make a broccoli soup once that looked nasty (even on my blog) but tasted amazing.
The pizza looks wonderful with those HUGE mushrooms on top! Mushrooms are by far my favorite pizza topping.

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