Food Carts in Praia and Steak on a Rock

Thursday Thoughts are on hold this week because we have visitors! So I am busy pretending I am on vacation.

Food trucks may be a big thing in the US now, but it seems even a tiny island in the Atlantic could have known this trend even before it was trendy.

The small beach town of Praia da Vitoria is home to a row of food trucks serving a variety of foods.  Too bad they are not as nice looking as some of those in the States.
Also, too bad they were not open at 6:30 when we were heading to dinner and I wanted to take pictures.  I think they tend to be open more on weekends and then nights during the summer months.  This one here sells cachorros, which scared me at first because that is the word for puppy.  I wondered why they served puppy and then discovered this means hot dog.  Makes sense, right?  Sometimes when I have the Food Network on I have the volume down but the subtitles are on (Portuguese since local TV) and I see cachorro and I gasp before remembering this is a hot dog.
Ryan has actually eaten here before.  It is by no means what you would consider a taco in the US, but this is their own version.
Hamburgers are popular too.
You can see there are few options, but these appear to be well liked and popular, especially when it is nice out.
Then we headed to dinner.  It was St. Patty's Day, and we spent all day on base, which meant we probably did not want to go back for their festivities.  I think this is always the case, so we never even consider those activities.

So we opted for dinner in Praia instead.
I was so glad I tried the seafood chowder.  Hard to believe, but this is their version.  It was really good.
Ryan had the steak on the rock, which is a meal from heaven if you are a steak lover (or just a guy...they rave about this).  It continues to cook even after they bring it to the table.  It is a popular way to serve steak around here, but I think it is done the best at this restaurant.
It came with a side salad and fries.
I had the half serving (seriously, this was a half serving) of the sauteed squid and shrimp.  It was awesome!
Then we had one of those moments where someone walks by with something that looks good and you just have to have one.  That happened with this ice cream.  It was 3 flavors, and the one on the bottom was unidentifiable, so Ryan asked me to try. 
 I had to laugh, because as soon as I tried it, I spit it out. It was mint. I am allergic to mint. He swears it was not mint, but unless there is something that tastes to me like mint and I am also allergic too, it was mint. I asked the server and she said caramel and I stared at her, then she quickly said, "but tastes like mente". I agreed. She said the label says caramelo, but the staff agrees it is not, and tastes like mint. I think some mint got in another flavor and that is why everyone was confused, except me because mint is mint not matter what when I am having an alergic reaction.

Good thing I had my own dessert to eat.  It is called a pudim, which I think of pudding, but it is more like a mousse.  Either way, it tastes like raw cookie dough.  I love this dessert.
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Guest Bloggers Wanted: For posts in the month of May.  You have time.  They can be short too.  I will be traveling most of the month and don't want to leave my blog in limbo during that time.  Thanks!

Other news: I was on the radio this morning (local AFN) to talk about National Nutrition Month.  I always love doing radio, and really any form of media.  Hopefully I drummed up some interest in the cooking class I am doing next week.
QUESTIONS: Do you have food trucks near you?  Have you ever been served food that keeps cooking once served to you?  Ever had a food that was unidentifiable and you spent time "guessing" what it was.


Unknown said...


Lori Lynn said...

Never had food trucks by me. I'm sure there was probably some food served by the cafeteria in school that might have been a "mystery!"

Simply Life said...

ha, when I was in India there was definitely a time we couldn't read the menu and just had to guess on our order and what we were eating!

Special K said...

Pudum is like raw cookie dough? Last night I made cookies and put yogurt at the bottom of the bowl with the dough and then put it in the freezer for 30 minutes and then, BAM! Loved the result...this sounds so delish!

Nicole, RD said...

That awesome about being on the radio! Congrats! I've never done any media like that, but it's an aspiration of mine. :)

The sauteed squid and shrimp looks SO good! Ahh...takes me back to Europe!!

And uhh...scary about the mint! I hope you're okay and the allergy isn't too, too bad!

Have a great weekend and enjoy your visitors, Melinda!

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

I am pretty sure we have food trucks here but I have never had food from them.
I am drooling over your dessert! That looks excellent!

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