Tuna, but not the fish

Last weekend was filled with good food, but it was not tuna.  Last weekend was filled with tuna, but it was not the food.

Confused yet?

Let me start with dinner...not tuna.

We started with a meal at a more upscale location on the island in Angra, the largest city on the island.  We started with some cheese and butter for our bread and crackers.
For dinner Ryan had a fish stuffed with bacon.
I had a wonderful dish of squid and shrimp served with a salad.
 DSC08467 DSC08468
We skipped on dessert, but we did finish our evening with tuna.

What is all this tuna I am talking about.
A Tuna is a University (undergrad and grad I believe) musical group with a specific type of music.  It includes many members in the group.  They sing, play various string instruments and percussion.  They also have dancers and flag twirlers.  It is a rather festive activity, and this night was extra special because this was a competition with various Tunas from the islands and mainland Portugal.  There were 9 groups total.  We stayed for only the first half the first night, but returned for the second night and stayed until after midnight when they awarded winners in various categories.

The theater this was held in was really cool because it is a bit older and I think I just liked the pink.
It is a four story theater with the Tuna members lining the upper balconies.  They chanted and cheered.  You could tell they were having a good time even if you had no idea what they were saying.
Then it was time for the show to start.
Here are some pictures of the groups on stage.
I also have some videos. 

I actually have a few more videos, but I am having a hard time uploading them.  Maybe in he future I can get more videos posted.  The first video is a short clip, the but the second video is a bit longer.  It is a great video to show the try meaning of Tuna.  This is the group that won the biggest prize (or at leats the last prize given out).  One group did a cover of the Circle of Life from the Lion King (in portuguese) and it was great.  Too bad my computer freezes everytime I trying uploading.  I hope you enjoyed these videos.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever heard of this kind of Tuna before?  Do any musical competitions take place in your town?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

How fun!! Yes, you had me very confused at first. I don't believe we have any competitions like this, or any Tuna musical groups around here :) But who knows, I could be wrong! I am not hip to a lot of the musical events that go around here. Thanks for sharing some of the great music with us!

Beth said...

A Tuna sure does sound fun!

Jessica said...

I've never heard of a Tuna "event" before - but it sounds so fun! I can't sing - at all - but I love music. It's a sad combination. :)

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

This looks like such a fun time! As you know there are so many shows in Vegas. I do need to be better about attending them. It really is so much fun!

Biz said...

That sounds like such a fun night - anything with music, I am in - my husband? Not so much - he tells me when I want to go see a musical - that's why you have a sister, daughter and Mom so I don't have to go! :D

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Sounds like a very fun evening. And thanks for all the about Tunas; I had never heard of them...

Special K said...

ooooo! These are the things about cultures and communities that I simply LOVE! You really engage with where you live, and that makes life so much more NUTRITIOUS, don't you think?

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