Slip ‘n Slide?

Thanks to those of you who offered to guest blog while I am travelling.  For those of you who wanted to but are busy, please know that I understand that all to well.  Either way, I am still looking for interested bloggers.  Too bad Ryan came home with bad news and we are not able to go away on the trip we had planned.  That is precisely why I did not disclose too many details.  Hopefully our back up plan will work out and we will not have to pay too much in fees to change the plane tickets.  So, It looks like most of May I will be away so there is plenty of time to get those guest posts together.

As for this post, it is actually a catch up post with some pictures from the island before I flew home to the States.

Ryan and I tried out this place that is a complete and total bar with snack foods.  Or so we thought…
Just in case you were curious about a snack bar menu in Portuguese, here is is.
We enjoyed some lovely Sagres, a Portuguese beer.
I had calamari.  Ryan is not a big fan.
Ryan had this enormous burger and fries.  Guess what?  He really enjoyed it.
I had a tuna sandwich with fries.  Guess what?  this was good too.  Looks like this place was better than we had expected.  It is also a great location directly next to the water.
Now, if you wonder why this post is titled slip ‘n slide, see below.
If this is hard for you to imagine, look at the next pictures.
DSC08205 DSC08206
Let me fill you in.  This is just outside the Jiggy Sport’s Bar.  Ryan shouts to me, “Hey, look at this.  The water doesn’t normally come up this high”.  He would be correct.  There is normally some beach there.  The next thing I hear is “let’s run down there” to which I immediately looked at my shoes and said “no, I think I will walk”.  All the while Ryan is running.  Then I notice he is not lifting his feet.  Uh-oh, he seemed to be ice skating.  I was in panic mode and like “OMG", what are we going to do?”  He was picking up speed headed towards the ocean.  Thankfully he dropped to his hands and came to a stop just inches before crashing into the ocean. 

No, it wasn’t icy.  Around here moss grows abundantly, so it was slimy, green moss covering the concrete ramp.  This stuff is so slippery and when my friend was visiting last year she slipped twice on it in different locations around the island.  Needless to say, Ryan learned his lesson…never run towards the ocean at night if you can’t confirm the consistency of your running surface.

Seriously, it was kinda funny and I really wished I had my camera out so I could have videoed that.
Speaking of Ryan, he bought me these chocolates for Valentine’s Day.  We didn’t do anything major, just made brownies and watched the Godfather Part 1.  Romantic, right?  Actually, this movie was next in line of our Academy Award best picture films.  This won in 1972.
DSC08212 DSC08211
I think these pictures are from the dinner we had out just before I flew back stateside.  We could not resist trying this beer.  The gnome was just too cute.
This meal was at a local favorite of ours called Porto Das Pipas at the marina in Angra do Heroismo, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We started with bread.  I know, there was no shock there.
Cheese and olives too.
I ordered the squid.  Not sure why I have been in a squid mood lately, but I have.
DSC08241 DSC08243
Ryan ordered a steak with a sauce and mushrooms.
Just another nice meal on the island.

Don’t forget, sometime next week I will post the details about my moving giveaway contest.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever had a moment where something sounded like a good idea but you quickly discovered it was really a bad idea?  Let me know if you are able to guest post while I am away.


Chow and Chatter said...

he he funny tale enjoy your last few months on the island

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Ryan doesn't like calamari?! Craziness!!

I can only imagine how scared he was as he slid closer and closer to that water. Seriously, I would have had a heart attack! I'm sure I've been in somewhat similar situations, but I can't think of one at the moment. Believe it or not, I used to be a trouble maker!

And yes, Godfather and brownies = a very romantic Valentine's Day!! :)

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Glad the bar food was good! I love finding good food in unexpected places... :)

Glad the "sliding incident" turned out well and you can now laugh about it...

Emily said...

Hope your trip still works out!

I'm glad that Ryan didn't end up in the ocean, too. :)

Special K said...

I love good squid...especially soaked in its ink.

I would love to guest blog but I am in China....hope to connect when we get back!

Unless I can write it the last week of March?

One time, I thought it might be a good idea to try out Eharmony. After 12 first dates, I figure it, bad idea. Not a good dater.

Nicole, RD said...

Those calamari rings are HUGE! Wow! How could Ryan not want to dig into those!?

Beer and chips with salsa sounded like a really good idea on Friday night. Not so much. My body very quickly rejected them!

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