Dinner with Friends

Have you ever had an "it's a small world" moment?  It can't get any smaller than being on a 18x12 mile Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic and finding out that a college friend of your cousins wife is moving to your tiny island too.  Actually, even weirder, before that the new doctor that got here is from my home town, and my mom knows his parents too (possibly lived in the same neighborhood when we were kids).  So that was weirdness number 1.  But then I found out my cousins wife's friends (did you follow that?) was moving to the island as her husband was being stationed here too.

She got here just as I headed back to the States, but as soon as I returned I made sure to show her around the island.  She is great and I am glad to have a new friend here.  We decided last weekend to all go out to dinner together.  Ryan and I thought Rocha was a good choice and we headed down to Porto Judeu for dinner.

We laughed when we got there because Alexandra's husband quickly realized everyone he works with was dining there too.  That's how you know it's a good restaurant.  It is busy, but also busy with Americans.  Then another one of his employees came in too.  It really is a good place and popular with Americans.

We started off with bread, cheese and these bread things, which seem to have onion and cheese with them.
Ryan ordered the steak, which he had before and it was the best ever.  Around here it is hit or miss, and this was miss.  No big deal.  That just means next time it will be a hit!
Alexandra and her husband tried the alcatra.  Ever heard of alcatra?  If you have been to the Azores, chances are you have.  This is a typical, traditional Azorean dish.  It is similar to a pot roast, cooked in it's own fat, in a clay pot.  If I had to pick one dish to represent the island, this would be it.  I have had the fish kind before, but most traditionally it is meat.
They ordered some potatoes to go with it because otherwise it is a lot of meat.
I ordered grouper.  Here it is known as cherne.  You can see it is served very traditionally.
For dessert we split a chocolate mousse.  It is hard to pass up homemade mousse.
It was a nice end to a nice dinner with (new) friends.

QUESTIONS:  Have you been to dinner with new friends recently?  How about just dinner with friends?  Do you often go out with other couples?

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Gina; The Candid RD said...

wow, it IS a small world! When Nick and I went to NYC we thought it was crazy that we saw one person we knew, but I think your situation was much more "small world".

Nick and I try to go out with couples a few times a month, mainly my friends :) His friends are still way into partying and getting drunk, not so much our thing anymore.

Simply Life said...

oh that is too funny - it really is a small world, huh?!

sophia said...

I'm not a couple so try to stay away from hanging out with them, because they usually have their own language. ;-)

It IS a small world! Craziness that she should come to your neck of the woods. Glad you made new friends though!

EA said...

I'd love to visit your island! We had a great dinner with my husbands best friend and his lovely wife (from Spain) last night. Sadly we had not seen them in a long time even though they live only 10 miles away fro us! We got to meet their new baby boy (actually 5 months old now!) last night. Friday night we had 3 other couples over to our house for a dinner party-lots of fun!

Emily said...

I feel like I'm constantly having those "small world" moments!

And that chocolate mousse looks completely amazing!

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

How crazy is that!?!
I had dinner with a few girlfriends last night and it was so much fun. Most of them are engaged so it makes getting girls together a bit difficult. it was a blast.

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