Day 2 at the Fair

Those of you from MD who thought the fair looked like the MD State Fair, that was the first thing I thought too.  I was explaining it to some people and all I wanted to say was “you know, it’s like the state fair, like with those 4-H exhibits”.

Since we had so much fun at the agriculture fair, we decided to go back.  We had purchased some African art the night before from this booth with products from Senegal, and we wanted to pick up some more items.  We also wanted to look more closely at the animals.  I won’t lie, Friday night I was hesitant to go near the animals because I was not wearing appropriate shoes for the fair.  It was a last minute decision to go, and I was wearing a pair of Coach tennis shoes that I have only worn a few times.  I just didn’t want to get dirty.
Saturday night I put on my old comfy tennis shoes and we toured around the animal exhibits.  I did not realize there were so many breeds of cow.  Below you will see many kinds, all different age categories, and in some you can see the ribbons when they placed in show.
DSC02799 DSC02800
After looking down one side, we stepped to the outside for some air and to look around.  I couldn’t resist taking a picture of some flowers.  Hydrangeas, or hortensias as they are known in Portuguese, are the flower of the Azores.
Some of the cattle were HUGE!
When we were done looking through everything again, we headed to the ice cream stand.  This is from the ice cream shop in Sao Mateus.  They are the only ones I know of that make homemade ice cream.  if you remember my pictures from the bull flights where I had an ice cream sandwich on wafers, this is the shop that makes those.
They had other food booths too.  They even had a restaurant from another island.
Here is my delicious ice cream. 
After 2 nights at the fair, we did well with making purchases.
I bought this dress from an Indian vendor.  He owned the Indian restaurant on the island, which only recently shut down due to lack of business.  It was be greatly missed.
I bought this purse.  They are made by the local disabled and mentally challenged population on the island.  They make these as part of their recreational therapy and then sell then at a small price.
We bought this African mask.
Ryan bought a drum.
This is probably my favorite.  This is our hip-hop-a-potamus.  (I think that comes from the show Flight of the Conchords)  This guy weighs a TON, but it was worth it.  This little guy is adorable.  It is carved from wood and painted.
We also bought these book ends made out of ebony.  If Meredith is reading, I totally thought of you the entire time we were there.  They had some big elephants, but I had no idea how to go about shipping anything to you.
Well, that was it for the exciting fair. 

QUESTIONS:  Do you like to purchase art for your home?  What is the craziest thing you have ever purchased?


Unknown said...

love the dress, love the hippo! you know we have elephants in our house, and sailing related things.
i am looking 4 the pic of the baby pigs for you (from the fair), but i think it might be from pre-flickr days. boo!

Rachel Lauren said...

Hip Hop
Hip Hop Anonymous....

hahaha from Big Daddy.

Love everything you got. Damn that cow is HUGE!

Anonymous said...

That dress is gorgeous! I can't wait to lose the weight so I can wear a dress - its been 5 years since I wore a dress!

I have no decorating style, so there is no art in my house!

Mari said...

I love purchasing art for my home! I love my buddhas =)

The cows are so beautiful!

Shannon said...

I love going to fairs! The animals are my favorite part :)

I love the dress and purse. So pretty!

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