Let’s get this birthday started

Since my birthday fell on a Saturday this year, it made sense to get the party started early.  Technically we started Monday, but come Friday night we were ready to go and in full birthday celebration mode.

Friday night, after I attended the high school graduation of my students, Ryan and I headed to the African restaurant.
We started with bread.
Some very yummy cheese and olives.
This was similar to a samosa, but it was meat filled, so I passed, but Ryan did enjoy this.
It was very hot, like temperature hot, but he was finally able to finish this by the time dinner was served.
Ryan ordered the African steak, but it really just looked like a regular Portuguese meal.  Oh well, I guess they had a few African sounding dishes, and some employees from Africa, even beer from Africa, but then a lot was like your typical Portuguese food.
Ryan's steak was served with a hot pepper oil.
I went with the abrotea.  It was good, but a little greasier than I am used to with this dish.
After dinner we did a little exploring.  We wound up stopping into this hotel in Angra and having a drink at the bar.  Actually, I just had a coffee.

It was really busy with older people dancing to live music.  They were all tourists and you could tell they were having a good time.

The next morning Ryan made me breakfast.
Then it was time for presents.  Look at the cute card from Ginger and Midnight, my dog and cat...I wonder who helped them with this!
Then I opened this card from my mom.  My actual present from my mom is our trip next week, but she still sent me a funny card.
This little ducky goes in a bucket of water and then expands in size.
Here he is in water.  In a few days I will take a picture when he is all grown up!
Then I opened gifts from Ryan.  How funny is this?  Do you guys remember this game?  If you do, you are probably almost as old as me, if not older.  I love this game.
Then I opened this.
It is a digital waterproof camera.  I can use this while we are out snorkeling and when Ryan is spear fishing.
He also gave me a nice wind breaker, but we are sending it back for a different size.  

I have other gifts on the way, but the mail here does not come that often, so I should get things today and then later on in the week.

More to come on my actual birthday...

QUESTIONS?  What gift do you really hope someone buys you this year?  

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER!!!  Yes, her birthday is the day after mine.


Judy said...

Happy birthday Melinda. It sounds like you had a nice one. Love that breakfast from hubby.

Unknown said...

hope you had a great birthday!!! #30 - you are OLD :P

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Glad you had a nice birthday!!! I love starting celebrations a week early, I mean...why not?! I just had a few childhood flashbacks. First, the duck that expands in water. We used to have a fish that did the same thing, and a mermaid!! I also used to LOVE Oregon Trail. In fact I was just talking about that game this weekend. Such fun memories!!

eatingRD said...

Looks like a wonderful time with wonderful gifts! I actually didn't celebrate my b-day until a month after! lol early is always good :) That camera looks awesome, I need one of those for swimming. Happy Birthday!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Happy (belated) Birthday! Have a wonderful time with your mom! I'm sure you will... :)

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