Now I've seen it all!

Don't these look like cute little juice boxes?  You know, those juice boxes marketed towards kids?
That is why I found these so disturbing!
Yep, that is wine in a sippy juice box.  I am not kidding you, these were at the local grocery store.  While they were in the wine aisle, and not in another beverage aisle, I will say that the first picture was taken at the end display of the same aisle.  This would NEVER happen in the US, which is of course why this is Europe. 
I suppose there is limited error for an accident, but I know kids that go into the cabinet and will get themselves a juice.  I can see this accident now!  This is why I have now seen it all...individual boxed wine.  Check out the whole display?
On the way home from the grocery store the other weekend, we found ourselves in a traffic jam resulting from the marching band on parade in our street.
Let's just say that was an interesting experience.
Here I go again catching up on some random pictures.  I have been eating this for lunch recently.  This is a 1/2 whole wheat pita, LC cheese spread inside, surimi crab and some mixed veggies.
See, I told you there were veggies inside.
Oh, here is another new and fun find from the local grocery store.  These are some fun bubble gums.  If you think the BocAzul sounds like something that will stain your mouth blue, you are correct.  It was quite fun, but I forgot about the blue mouth and chewed some just before going out.  Oops!
This is also one of our new food finds.  This is caju com piripiri AKA cashews with chili powder.  They are really good and we have been back for more.
These are some nice sized cashews, from Brazil.
Last up I have Dona Amelias.  Monday we went to Angra to look at a few things and stopped into O Forno, my favorite bakery.  We couldn't resist getting these, which are the traditional sweet of the island. This is what the island is known for.  They were first made in the early 1900s when the queen (Amelia) came with the king to visit the island.  They have remained a tradition ever since.  They are almost like a honey cake or date cake minus the dates, and I am not 100% sure what is in them, but it tastes really good.
QUESTIONS:  Have you ever seen juice box wine?  What is the craziest thing you have ever seen in the grocery store?  What is your favorite nut?


Beth said...

I think the juice boxes are cute. Like the tetra packs of wine here in the US.

I once saw someone who had the bag from a box of wine rigged up like a camelback. Pretty clever.

Rachel Lauren said...

We have those wine cartons and little tetra packs of wine too. Those cashews look awesome. GIMME!

MelindaRD said...

Wow, I guess I have been out of the States for too long. It just reminded me of the story a few years back where the waitress accidentally served a little kid alcohol in a kids cup. I just imagine that when I see these boxes of wine just a few feet from the juice boxes for kids. I wonder if they sell them so close to the kids drinks in the states. I can't imagine they would put them in the same aisle.

Shannon said...

Yeah...I think the wine boxes need to be separated from the juice boxes in the cabinet to avoid confusion!

I love that there was a marching band parading down your street!

Simply Life said...

wow, wine in a juice box - I'm not sure if I should laugh, be scared or excited :)

Emily said...

Yikes! Who would be sipping wine that quickly, anyway?!

We don't have juice box wine here, but we do have individual servings in smaller bottles. I hope the kiddies over there don't get confused!

Rachel Lauren said...

Melin what store do you see alcohol and juice sold together? In md it's not even sold at supermarkets. Varies state to state, I can see it getting conusing at home maybe but i doubt they'd be stored with kids juice boxes they are good for if you don't want to open a whole bottle. A lot of my neighbors love the fancier boxed wines. I dont think it's that otrageous. Maybe the cartoon ones weird.... But um i'd prob buy it haha

Mari said...

Does it come with a little straw too???? hahaha

Lele said...

HAHAHAHA oh alcoholic Europeans how I love you.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Oh holy cow!! That's scary. I have NEVER seen juice boxed wine, and I can't believe I just saw it on your blog! Seriously, like you said, I can just see a little kid accidentally grabbing the wine instead of juice.....and not even noticing! Pathetic.

Favorite nut: The PEANUT. I know, the least nutritious, but it's really my favorite :)

sophia said...

ack!! That's wine?! I really thought it was some syrupy drinks for toddlers! Wonder what's up with the marketing? I'm confused.

Fave nuts: almonds, cashews, pistachios!

Melissa said...

I'm turning into a wine snob so I'm always skeptical of wine in a box. But in Europe where the wine is better, I'd be willing to give it a shot.

But very funny (and slightly inappropriate) that it was near the kids drinks. Oh Eurpeans, so relaxed with alcohol.

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

I have seen boxed wine but never individual servings. That is crazy!
I love all kinds of nuts. I would have to say walnuts and pistachios are on the top of my list!

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