I Ate Some Octopus

Those were words I never thought I would say.  OK, you got me, I have had calamari before, but saying octopus sounds so different.  

Let's see how this whole octopus adventure occurred.

We were at O Pescador for a going away dinner.  The meal started out with some delicious cheese.  I was glad to see they were offering this cheese selection again.
Then we had some bread to enjoy with the cheese.
I loved their new set up in their party room, and I thought their new places mats were so cute.
Then the octopus arrived at the table.  No, I did not actually order octopus, that was someone else's doing, but it was offered to me.  Other people agreed that the octopus dish prepared by this restaurant was really good.  I have had calamari before,  but never whole octopus not battered and fried.  Here is the dish presentation.
It is hard to tell, but this is octopus.  It was surprisingly good, and ever Ryan liked it.  It was in a gravy that had a lot of flavor.  I did steer clear of tentacles and sucker parts, and I stuck with a big chunk, and did not eat the funny looking end piece.  But I will say that the piece I tried was good and I think I would like to try this again.
Then our dinners arrived.  Ryan had the wreckfish pescador which was fried in a cream sauce with shrimp and clams.
I had the parrot fish again.  Yes, I ate this the week before too, but it is really good.
I also took a picture of this dish, the pork and clams.  This seems to be a popular island dish too.
Well, there you have it, I ate some octopus.

QUESTION:  How about you...have you ever eaten octopus?


erin at The HEalthy Apron said...

I LOVE calamari! This looks like an interesting dinner but delish!

chow and chatter said...

i tried it in Turkey quite nice but very meaty

Unknown said...

I'd try it...only calamari for me. Have a FUN trip!!

Rachel Lauren said...

Mmmm. I have had octopus. its delicious!

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

I have had octopus and I actually kind of like calamari. Fried is my favorite, but I've had it cooked other ways as well.

Funny story about the chickens!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I can't imagine anything tasting bad when it's drenched in a salty gravy!! I mean that always adds perfect moisture and flavor, in my opinion. I think I have had octopus before, and I remember it being chewy, but tasty! I'm sure it wasn't as fresh as yours though.

Kristen (swanky dietitian) said...

I actually tried octopus the other night at Firefly. I will try anything once. I wasn't a fan.
Good for you for trying something new.

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