Oh the Lobster!

Day 2 with my family started off with a trip around the island.  I am not sure why, but a tour bus stopped in one of the towns and people were taking pictures of someones garden in front of their house.  We thought it was fun, so we did too.
This was also the day of just not quite our luck.  We managed to be just a few minutes late for everything or in some cases, just a little too early.  In this case, we tried for lunch, but the kitchen closed 15 minutes before we got there.  AT least we could get some snacks.
My mom shared this chocolate pastry with me.
Then we headed to the wine museum.  They had beautiful flowers in bloom.
Next up we had the natural swimming holes in Biscoitos.  This place is so amazing that you have to see it to believe it.  These are natural pools within the lava rock formations in the ocean.  Yes, there are lifeguards on duty.
This natural swimming pool concept is really big around the island, so we stopped to look at a few more.
They even have a floating dive raft out here in the ocean.
For dinner we went to Sabores Do Chef because I knew my mom would love to try the lobster.

We started off lots of good items.

Jam and goat cheese
These are lapas (possibly called limpets in the US) in a special sauce.
For dinner, Ryan and I both had the grilled wreckfish.
Joe had the steak and pineapple kebab, but it turns out there was bacon on here, and none of us do pork, so they made a new one to replace this.  I still took pictures!
My mom ordered the lobster.
This is the grilled lobster tail and I had this a few weeks ago.  I claimed it was the best lobster ever, but my mom is a bigger lobster eater than me.  I was glad that she confirmed this was in fact the best lobster ever.  Even Ryan and Joe liked it and neither are really into lobster.
For dessert, we split 2 things.  This was the chocolate mousse.  Honestly, it was a like brownie batter.  It was so good and very rich.
This was the flamed local pineapple with ice cream.
Wow, was this a great dinner.  It was so good that they wanted to go back.  So, did we go back?  You'll just have to wait and see in my next post.

QUESTION:  Do you like lobster?


Unknown said...

I will not cheat on CRABS! Although, I do have cute LLBean slippers that have pink lobsters on them, hehe. and I think the proper pronunciation is LOBSTAH!

Special K said...

A WINE MUSEUM! A MUSEUM! If the wine is OLD, then some of it must be AWESOME! Ooooh....how fun! Are you having fun?

Shannon said...

Oh how I love lobster! We have an annual lobster bake in my family every summer on Cape Cod. So good and so much fun!

Have a wonderful birthday trip with you parents :)

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