More play time in Angra

Friday morning we headed out for another busy day.  Luckily, Ryan was off from work, so he was able to go with us.

We started off by driving through the center of the island and stopping to look at some bulls.
 Then we headed to the fumaroles of the Furnas do Enxofre.  This is a big hole that has warm sulfur steams pouring out of it.  Don't forget, this island is made from 4 volcanoes that came together.
We made our way into Angra for lunch.  Because Ryan works during the week he usually misses all the shopping here, so it was nice for him to get to walk around while things are open.  They close Saturdays by noon and are never open on Sundays.

Lunch was at AquaEmotion, which we have only seen but never eaten at because I think they closed over the winter.  This is located at the marina, next to the beach.  There was a great outdoor section for eating.
The inside looked cute too.
Thankfully, they served nice sandwiches for lunch.  Three of us had the tuna, and Joe had the fresh tomato and mozzarella sandwich. 
Here we are at our outdoor table.
This was the balcony of the restaurant where we made our dinner reservation.  They were specially making some appetizers treats that were vegetarian since none of us eat pork, which is what they normally serve.  They also had octopus, but that really freaks my mom out, so we passed.
We walked through the Angra market.
They were taking out these fresh fava beans from their shells.
Here is the beach in Angra.
Next stop was for dessert at O Forno.
After we fueled up on desserts, we headed to Algar do Carvao, which is a hollow volcano that you can climb inside of.
I love this picture.  This is looking through the hole that the lava broke through to the surface.  We are inside the volcano.
When we finished climbing all the way into this cave and then back out, we all needed a little rest.

Then we headed to dinner in Angra.  We sat in their green room right by the window overlooking the street.
We started with nice, warm rolls.
These are various cheese and cutneys on toast.  One was apple and the other was banana.  Then there was some jam with goat cheese.  They prepared these special for us.
My mom and Joe both ordered the grouper.
I had a shrimp salad with mango and papya.
Ryan ordered a steak, served with a shrimp and some potatoes.
 After dinner we went to a craft fair, and then made like the Europeans and enjoyed coffee and dessert ouotside in the square at a cafe.
This is the "craft" I bought at the fair.  It is a depiction of the bull being released just as they do it here for the bull fights each week.
It was so cute I could not resist buying one.
Last up, here is the duck my mom gave me for my birthday.  It has grown some, but I think it still has a ways to go.
Well, that was it for my mom and Joe's stay on the island.  Next stop, Lisbon!

QUESTIONS?  Do you ever go to craft fairs?  Have you ever visited a volcano?  Ever cave explored?


Tricia said...

great pics, thanks for sharing!

We always hit up the craft fairs, local art shows,expos. love that kind of stuff

Emily said...

Looks like you've been having a great time in Agra! I love all the colorful dishes and beautiful scenery. I love craft fairs...something fantastic about homemade goods. I also love, which is like a giant worldwide craft fair!

Unknown said...

i love a good craft fair! hope you are having fun...we are on vacay with matts family :)

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