What makes this a steakhouse?

Ryan and I have walked by this steakhouse so many times.  He was always curious, but we never went in.  Being a vegetarian, I am not too into steakhouses, but I know I can usually find fish on the menu, especially when this place is only a few steps from the ocean.  There are many places that serve steak on the island, but I wanted to know what makes this restaurant call itself a steakhouse.  Let’s find out…
Welcome to Marcelino’s Steakhouse.

It looks really cute inside.
Step #1 for a steak house would be to offer a variety of steaks.  I love that this menu came in Portuguese, English (with a British flag mind you!), and German.
While we were waiting to order, I spotted some local Azorean pineapples.  They are much smaller than Hawaiian pineapples.  I knew this meant there would be pineapple on the menu for dessert.
Out came the goat cheese.
Bread, too.
Then it was time for the main event.  If meat freaks you out, SKIP this section.  I had to take pictures of this, despite being grossed out over the meat.  Ryan’s steak au pov was prepared table side.
First came the butter.
Then some flame and a little, ok, a lot of pepper.
I apologize for the blur, but I think this waitress was not used to people taking pictures while she cooks, so I was trying to stay out of her way and let her do her thing.
There we have the steak.
Next came the sauce.  I think she melted down fat, actual lard.  
Then the steak went back in and more pepper followed.
Here it is, ta da!  I am guessing this is what made this an actual steak house.
It came with rice, potatoes, and veggies.
I love how the side dish plate matches up to the round dinner plates.
I was correct about my choices.  The fish I wanted, which was grouper, they did not have.  Instead, I went with the abrotea, which almost always comes fried, lightly, and it is very good.  I like this because it is easily portioned for me.  I always take the second filet home with me.
Nice and golden!
Look at this cute and funny looking fork.
To end the meal, we ordered some meia de leites.
Then, we could not resist the pineapple flambé.  I was shocked by the 7 euro price, but then Ryan reminded me of this:
The extra cost is of course due to the shots of alcohol added to the pineapple.  So, we ordered 1 to share.  This is fresh Azorean pineapple.
After the alcohol went in, she put in orange peel and grated it with a fork for added flavor.
To me, this looks like the lava inside of a volcano.
Here we go!  It was delicious.  I admit, it costs to much, but you don’t get these experiences handed to you often, so I am happy to splurge a little while I have the chance.
So, there you have it, an Azorean steakhouse.

QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite way to eat steak?  If you are a vegetarian, totally disregard my disgusting question!  Have you ever had your food, steak or other, prepared tableside?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

I love that you guys always get a little cappucchino after your meals! nick is so not into that, and to be honest it's not something that most restaurants around here really push. I love it though.

Glad you both enjoyed your meals! I love grouper too :) But abrotea sounds nice too....although I've never heard of it!!

Beth said...

I have never been to a restaurant where they prepare your steak tableside (and we've been to some fancy steakhouses since Noel can only eat steak out of the house and I've discovered they usually have a good if not great--see the halibut I had in florida--non steak options). How AWESOME!

Unknown said...

no steak for me but that goat cheese looks delish!!

Nicole, RD said...

I am always SO jealous of the amazing places you eat at! I always leave your posts STARVING!!!

I like steak, but it has to be REALLY lean and cooked REALLY well. I know, I'm not a true beef eater, but that's how I like it best!

Judy said...

Interesting post, great pics. I'm a carnivore who wishes she could be vegetarian, but is hopeless. Love my steak grilled with just salt & pepper, but it has to be aged beef.

Mari said...

I love that even though you don't eat meat, you still go to these places to make your husband happy =) you are a good wife!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Lovely goat cheese! :) I know I've said this before, but I think I'd have a hard time ever getting to the main course if I lived where you are... ;)

I'm sure I had food prepared tableside before, but I can't remember when and where... Must have been a long time ago! Or I'm just getting old and forgetful!

I'd love a pineapple flambe right now...

Ameena said...

My husband would be ALL OVER THIS! He loves steak and having it cooked tableside is basically his dream come true.

I am personally loving those potatoes!

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