A Day at the Fair

Friday night we decided to head to the local agricultural fair.  Actually, this was a fair showcasing agriculture from all over the Azores.  The main reason we wanted to go was to see the horses, but I am so glad we went because there was so much more to see here.


These are some of the ribbons that were given in certain cheese categories.  Cheese is a major staple here in the Azores, and you can see they take their cheese very seriously.


When we got there I just started snapping pictures.  This was as we passed by the cattle pavilion. 



Then we wandered over to the horses.





After that, as we made our way to the main hall, we checked out the small animals.  Sorry that some are blurry, but I didn’t realize I changed my camera settings and these guys were moving around.  The combination made for some blur.




Here is where I figured out my settings had changed and now you can expect some cute little animals, minus the blur.
















This little guy got stuck in the rope and Ryan helped him free.



Next we entered the main pavilion where they had lots of vendors and products showcased.  I couldn’t resist taking pictures of these birds, many of which were for sale.






A few booths down we spotted these ladies.  They are making fresh fried donuts.  They were more like fried dough, covered in sugar.


This lady was prepping the dough balls.


Here they are dropping the dough in the oil.


Here is the finished product.  They were so good.


  As we walked through the aisles, I took pictures of a variety of things.  They had flower and produce displays, and then just after that we found the wine and cheese samples.





Then we moved in to the area with the farming equipment displays.



Another major find at the fair was the African Restaurant, which we look forward to trying.  We even purchased some African art, which I will show in my next post.  We had so much fun Friday night, that we went back Saturday night, so I have lots more pictures to show.  I was very busy, with class, a dinner party, and the fair, so I had little time to make any posts.  So, I just wanted to get some of these pictures displayed and then I will share more detailed pictures from Saturday.  I will say that they had some of the largest cattle I have ever seen in my life.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever been to an agricultural fair?  What is you favorite farm animal?Did you do anything exciting over the weekend?


Beth said...

It reminds me of the Maryland State Fair...Azores edition!

Unknown said...

I take my cheese very seriously too! It really does look like the MD state fair. Once I witnessed the miracle of cow-life @ the fair. It was disturbing and hard to look away. Jenn hid her eyes, LOL! Also saw 2 day old piglets that year...too cute.

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

The fair looks like so much fun. Cheese samples - always good! :)

Can't wait to hear about the African restaurant!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Just to paint an even better picture of Ohio, our Ohio State Fair is just like this! Yes we have rides and all, but a lot of it is cheese making, horses, cows, fresh ice cream, corn, etc. I love it :)

This weekend Nick and I were pretty low key. We went to a graduation party, which was awesome because there was homemade beer!! Yeah, my favorite part of the weekend for sure :)

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

Look at all those cute little animals! Those donkeys are especially adorable. I've been to fairs that have farm animals like these. I love saying hi to all of them.

Melissa said...

I love fried dough! So those donuts sound awesome. There are some foods that I am willing to eat, no matter how "unhealthy" they may be. Everything in moderation...especially fun foods!

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