The next morning…

Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes!!!

I had an amazing 30th birthday, but the party isn’t over quite yet.  First off, when your birthday is on a Saturday, it is extra easy to celebrate for multiple days, like the entire weekend, or even the week.  Secondly, my mom and Joe got here Tuesday morning, and we have our trip coming up too, all of which I consider an extension of my birthday.  Well, I guess the month of June can officially be renamed Melinda’s month…j/k!

Like I said, when it is on a Saturday, the part keeps going.  Sunday morning I woke up and thought donuts sounded great.  We headed to Make Me Nuts and started our day with some much, MUCH needed coffee drinks.
Here is where our creativity kicked in.  I love an eggel.  If you do not know what this is, it is an egg sandwich (usually with cheese) on a bagel.  Heck, I’ll take any bread with an egg and cheese sandwich.  With the language barrier in some places, it can be difficult to order exactly what you want, so here is how we did this.

Eggs first.
Then sandwiches.  Ryan ordered a tosta mista which is like a hot ham and cheese sandwich.
I stuck with just toasted cheese on a baguette.
Then we added the egg ourselves.  It was really good this way.
Oh, and we certainly could not leave without the donuts!
When we got home, I sadly had to get to work.  Since I did no work on Sunday, I had some things to catch up on so I was not behind when my mom got here.  While I was grading papers, my fantastic husband took on a FROM SCRATCH WEEKENDS adventure on his own, in honor of my birthday.
I was working, so I was not around to take pictures, but I promise you this was from scratch.  He made me a peanut butter birthday cake with peanut butter fudge frosting.
Happy Birthday to me!
Yum!  That cake was so good.
QUESTION:  What is your favorite kind of cake?


Tricia said...

carrot cake!

I always celebrate my bday for a WEEK. :)

happy bday

Beth said...

Since you're 20 + 10 in 2010 (that's what my friends have been calling it!) you can celebrate for 10 or 20 days, your choice! ;-)

Picking one type of cake as a favorite would be like picking a favorite child...but I do love a good almond cake!

Special K said...

AH! I think we should have birthday MONTHS as adults. It is my new year for me. And I think I HEART you! I love how natural eating is so easy with you. ARe you really that easy? Do you ever feel GUILTY? CONFLICTED? ANXIOUS about your hungers? You are a role model for me.

Unknown said...

Red Velvet. All the way!! Have a great vacay...HI to JOE/MOM! I am going to cafe isis tonight with my mom (YOUR MOM lol) and I'll be thinking of ya'all!!

sophia said...

Oh gosh. there really IS nothing like egg sandwiches, esp if the eggs are runny like that!

I dislike cakes, but I do love dense, chewy ones like green tea mochi cakes.

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