Angra at night fall

Ever since changing the clocks for day light savings time, it has been getting dark here much later than we would have expected so soon.  It isn't really dark out until almost 9 pm.  Last Saturday night we headed out to Angra later in the evening.  While we didn't end up eating anywhere because most places were busy and it was about 9 pm, and you can imagine we did not want to still be at dinner at 11 at night, we did enjoy a nice walk around town and out around the marina.  Here are some pictures I took as it was getting dark out.

Here is the marina area.  Monte Brasil is the big hill in the background.

This is looking up at one of the churches.  This happens to be my favorite looking church because I really love the color.
The church at another angle.
There is a boat off in the distance.  This is along the walking path that is built on the concrete wall the closes the marina off from the ocean.  They even had a bike lane on this path.  It was great to see people actually using this to walk laps for exercise.  
This is looking from the path to the other side where the beach is located.  I actually took this picture because I love these big pieces of concrete.  I think they look like jacks, you know, from the game you play as kids.  They have these all over the island, but I was really close to them this time.
This was all the way at the end of the walking path and these are the lights from the city of Angra do Heroismo, which is also just shortened to Angra.  This is the capital of the island and the largest city with (according to wiki) 21,300 people living here.  This was a truly amazing view of the city.

This last picture I zoomed in for to get both of the churches lit up at night off in the distance.  I must say this is a very peaceful spot to sit and look at the ocean on one side and this beautiful city on the other side.
QUESTION:  What is your favorite place to see at night?

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I will be in class all weekend, but that is OK because it is a great class.  I hope to get a post up at some point over the weekend, but no promises!


Gina; The Candid RD said...

These pictures are so amazing. The churches are amazing, absolutely beautiful. I can't say I Really have a favorite place to see at night, as nothing compares to these pictures. I guess I do like to see downtown Columbus lit up at night, but that's BORING! I also like it when the sky is clear and I can see tons of beautiful stars.

Enjoy class this weekend!

Unknown said...

I love boathouse row in Philly.

Special K said...

Just last night, crawling in around 9:20, I noticed the hues as well. Phenemenal, how our perceptions are keen one moment, and fleeting the next. There is this term, the gloaming, about the hour after the sun sets. A walk around nature is best then, as the stars emerge.

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures. The churches look so beautiful!

That is wonderful that you get to experience a different place with such beautiful sites.

Italy was just beautiful at night! I loved the way it looked.

Sook said...

That'd be a lovely place to go to for a romantic date. :)

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

Beautiful photos!

I love camping, and sitting around a camp fire and looking up in the sky at night. It's been years since we have gone camping, and I can't wait to take the toddler.

Simply Life said...

I love to watch a sunset at night on the beach!

Jessie said...

Those views are simply gorgeous. I'm glad you are able to get out and about and enjoy them - even if dinner is really late. I'm fascinated with those concrete piles. It looks like art.

I don't have any particular place I like at sunset - a lot of places look pretty in the half-light.

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