Navigating the menus while in Florida

One of the highlights of vacationing in Florida with my grandparents is going out to eat at all the yummy restaurants.  So, this means I should have been excited, right?  Well, yes and no.  See, it is Passover, so there is a great deal of planning and thinking before getting anything to eat.  I mostly had success, but at least one meal each day had to be sent back for some reason or another.  But at least when it finally came out correctly, it tastes darn good!

My second morning there, my grandpa and I headed to the beach to enjoy a breakfast by the ocean.  We went to Harpoon Louie's.  Since it was April Fool's Day, my granfather ordered (at like 9:30 am) 2 Margarita's and some steaks.  He got the waitress good on that one.
Here I am rockin' the sunglasses, prescription ones of course.
Love the little jam jars.
Enjoying the sun.
Grandpa had eggs and tomatoes.
I splurged on a giant egg white omelette with brocolli, muchrooms and kalamata olives, with a side of hash browns.
Yes, I brought my own whole wheat matzo.
Beach view.

Little lizardy-salamander guy.
We went to the Grand Lux Cafe because it is in the mall.  If you have never tried this place and like the Cheesecake factory, go here.  They are owned by the same company, but Grand Lux is a tad more upscale.
Yummy Greek salad for me.
While shopping, I spotted this and got excited, then I got sad.  Yep, no cupcakes for me because of the holiday.
But they did look so good.
Dinner was the club in their development because we know they have a nice salad bar and therefore it was easy to do Kosher for Passover.
Some French onion soup for grandma.
Grandpa started off with some wine.
I made a killing on the salad bar.  I was excited to have hard boiled eggs (for the white, I hate hardboiled yolk, it feels like paste), chickpeas and surimi crab for my protein.  I was think I had mostly veggies all day and I really needed some protein.
Look at that beautiful salad.
Shrimp cocktail for grandma.
This is a fantastic salmon burger, but because of Passover, I thought it probably had some breadlike binder, so I passed, but grandpa enjoyed it.
Dessert from the salad bar
Yes, this is how I HAD to end my meal.
So, you can see I had good eats, but it was a little difficult at times to decide what I wanted and could eat.

QUESTIONS:  Do you like the beach?  When was the last time you were at the beach?


Unknown said...

I like Grandpa's style :)

I LOVE the beach. I haven't been since last summer but we are going for a week in June w/ Matt's family (North Carolina).

Beth said...

I LOVE the beach! We were actually there a few weeks ago for my birthday, and we're going next weekend for my sisters. My sister lives just outside of Ocean City MD, and we have a friend with a house near Rehoboth Beach, DE, so it all works out!

Nicole, RD said...

I love your outfit! The beach is great! I haven't been to Florida in too, too long! I hope you had a wonderful trip visiting your family :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like such a wonderful time! I LOVE the beach. I am hoping my sister and I make it there for memorial day weekend! It has been a while since I last went and the weather was not good!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Oh heck YEAH I love the beach!! The last time I was there was in July (Florida) and it was so hot and actually slightly miserable. I was eaten alive by the sand fleas. I promised myself I would never go to Florida in July again!

The food all looks great. I love that you put olive sin your egg whites! Classic. I also love that you brought whole wheat matzo!! I did not know that even existed, but of course it makes me very happy.
Your grandpa looks like a fun guy. I am glad you are enjoying your trip!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I love the beach, but I honestly can't remember the last time we went... This year my plan is to take the toddler a lot! :)

Levinson & Axelrod said...

The food photos look tasty. Looks like a nice trip you all had.

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