Some final Passover meals

Here are some of my remaining Passover eats.  We had the pleasure of dining at Joe's (my stepdad) mom's (I hope you followed that) house for dinner.  She is the world's best cook.  She is Egyptian and cooks like she was born to do just that.  If you think you have had good hummus, you really haven't unless you have tried hers.  So, just before Passover ended, we went to her house for some deliciousness.

She made salmon for my sister and I.
Kugel and Asparagus
Turkey kabob
Here she is erving up some salad.  She looks so happy to be feeding us.
Yummy artichokes
Homemade matzo crackers, which were really good.
Simple salad with lemon juice for dressing, which is very middle eastern.
My sister was on camera duty (thanks for the nice pics Rach) and since the salt and pepper shakers were so cute, well, here is the picture.
Dessert was fresh watermelon.  Yes, it is getting to that time of year.
Mango slices
Homemade kosher for Passover wine cake.  This was really good and very moist.
That was it for the dinner meal, but I still have some random other Passover food pictures.  Here is some of Joe's mom's mandel bread, which is similar to biscotti and kosher for Passover.  I could actually enjoy this snack year round.
While at TJ's the other day, I picked up some meat-less products to try and savor while at home.  I asked my sister to make me some food while I did other things around the house, and this was what she put together.
The "chicken", hummus, olives and matzo.  Really yummy combo!
Oh does that look good, and if you haven't tried this yes, and you like meatless products, try this.
I really liked this hummus (not as good as Joe's mom's) and I liked that I could taste the artichoke.
Classic with the olives.
My sister went to her local market and picked me up this treat.  This is Micheles Granola which is locally made in Baltimore.  Since it was still Passover, I didn't get a chance to try this yet, but I am really looking forward to it.  Rachel says it is great and cherry chocolate is one of my favorite taste combos.  I will keep you posted, btu in the meantime, check out the link for their website.
I figured at some point in my life I will actually be on my own for Passover, and this cookbook seems like a good addition to my collection of cookbooks because there are so many recipes for foods to eat during this holiday.  I think even some of this I could make year round, like the veggie dishes.
Oh, ok, so I really liked these shoes, and I almost bought them, but my mom thought that my feet would get too gross in them seeing as I live on a super humid island.  Yes, these are an update on your classic jelly shoe.  What do you think?
Now, to end my post, I will leave you with this awesome street sign in Baltimore.  I snapped the picture on my way to visit Joe's sister in her new home, which was beautiful.  But, as it clearly says my name, I needed to take a picture.
At this time I am NYC bound, and I will post about that once I get back.  I still have my end of Passover meal pictures to share and some other goodies, but I swear after that, I will get to all of my adventures in New York.  I am so excited to get to see my aunt Sherie.

QUESTION:  Have you ever seen a road/street named with your name?  Any other things that bear your name?  I think the Ryan Air planes are cool because, well, that is ryan's name.


Unknown said...

There is a Meredith New Hampshire...I have been 3 times :) There's also a Meredithville, in either NC or VA. Not sure bit I have a pic of a highway sign from there!

Chicken-less Chicken? I dunno about that HON.

Beth said...

That chicken less stuff really looks like real chicken!

I have the same last name (albeit spelled differently) as a certain former vice-president. I'm often asked if we're related.

And poor Noel, he gets it all the time around Christmas. For understandable reasons he's not a big fan of the "First Noel" Christmas Carol!

Mari said...

Yums your step grandma really knows her way around the kitchen!

I raerly see anything with my name on it since it is a french name...maybe I should go to Paris if only to see my name lol

Shannon said...

What a feast! Yum!

I hope you have a wonderful time in NY. So nice that you've been able to see so much of your family :)

sophia said...

I would love to live in a Sophia Ave. Hee.

Loved the spread! Wow, she IS an incredible cook!

Lori said...

That wine cake sounds so interesting. Have a great time in NYC! The name thing always gets me too. In the small town we lived in in southern Brazil there was a jewelry store called Lori. Really strange because that name is really no where in the language that we came across.

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