Lovin' the Florida Sunshine

I know, who goes to Florida during Passover, but that was what fit best with my schedule.  I headed to the airport Wednesday morning, and sat down to enjoy this cream cheese and lox sandwich on matzo.
Some snacks for the plane: a hard boiled egg (just the white of course) and a clementine.
Ah, here we go.  I landed in sunny Florida and right away it was off to get something to eat.  It was lunch time, so I don't blame anyone for wanting food at this time.  Too bad there was no way I could enjoy the bagels at the bagel shop.
Grandma had some matzo ball soup.  Yes, these are actual noodles, so not kosher for Passover.  Can you really blame grandma for not keeping Passover?
Then it was matzo brie for us.  This is like the matzo equivalent of French toast.  Motzo soaked in egg and then cooked like scrambled eggs.  They also gave us a chocolate covered macaroon.
Here are some Passover goodies for sale.  Darn it, those bagels in the back look so good.
This is like torture!
I headed to the clubhouse with my grandpa to search the sale racks and we wound up trying out some golf.  My grandpa plays all the time, so he wanted me to hit some balls around.
I can honestly say, no persons were harmed during this time with me at the golf course.  I smacked a few balls and it was lots of fun.  You can actually take your agressions out on a little tiny ball.
Dinner was at Maggiano's.  I know you are thinking there is no way to do Italian food during Passover.  Well, that is almost entirely true.  I will say that I keep Passover, but I am not the strictest person on the planet.  I will still eat corn and rice, but not bread or things that seem like bread.
I ordered a salad to start, but the croutons posed a problem, so I sent it back.
The second salad was much better.
My grandparents had chicken.
Ok, here is where it gets interesting.  I actually ordered the gluten free pasta, which was made from corn.  Yes, technically cheating, but I was OK with this.  It was actually the side dish to my entree.
Here is my salmon.  No way I could eat all of this.
Coffee to help me stay awake so I could get work done.
Spumoni for dessert.
Here is me and grandma at dinner.
That was it for day 1 here in Florida.  Stay tuned as there is more to come.

QUESTION:  Have you ever played golf?


Beth said...

I've never golfed, but I'm trying to get Noel to try it. Some of our friends are big golfers.

PS-I saw Kosher for Passover marshmallows at the Safeway in Canton today. Will wonders never cease?

Unknown said...

aww you and grandma are so cute :) Italian restaurant + passover = WTF? there was nowhere else to go? LOL!

I think i hit golf balls once...for real...but mainly i just play the mini variety :)

Mari said...

I never golfed (does miniature golf count????)but always wanted to try it out...it looks like fun =)

Wow those baked good DO look like torture! everything looks so yummy! Carbs are the Devil hahahaha. well not the devil buy maybe his second cousin lol lol

have a great weekend honey!

Mari said...

(haha we both posted comments at the same exact time!)

MelissaNibbles said...

We have Maggiano's in Boston! It's cool to see it on your blog.
I want salmon and lox for breakfast this morning. I'm on the hunt!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

How fun!! You're in Florida now?? Very nice. And I don't blame your grandma for not keeping Passover. I think if I was Jewish, I'd give up on that at age 60, haha. I was just with my friends Jamie and Sarah last night and they were both talking about how they don't keep passover and their parents get really angry. I can't help but think that would be me too!

Anyway, yes, I HAVE played golf. I have a great coach too (Nick). He's awesome!! I'm going to get really good this summer, you just wait. ummm...well, good for me I guess.

Anonymous said...

What a great time with your grandparents!!

Ha, I played golf with my husband once, and only once - I sucked!

But I don't mind going to a driving range every once in a while!

Have fun today!

Judy said...

Hi Melinda, golf is a great game but it's not an occasional sport. You have to play on a regular basis to see any progress.

Congratulations! You have won my giveaway. Go to my blog for details. You have till Wednesday, April 7, to respond.

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

I've had salmon at the Maggiano's in Philly and it was so good! I've hit at a driving range once or twice before...it's really fun! I find it a lot harder than it looks. I'd actually like to go back.

eatingRD said...

It looks gorgeous in Florida! mmm love Maggiano's :) I have tried to play golf, but I am absolutely terrible. I can put-put fairly well, but really anything that involves swinging something to hit a ball like baseball and tennis, I'm just not good at! lol Enjoy your trip!

sophia said...

I didn't know Maggiano's has such good lighting! I always thought it would be dark, so I avoided the place. Maybe only during the daytime it's lighter?

So many ways to enjoy matzoh...I had no idea!

Unknown said...

Yep, played golf just today with hubby!

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