Carolyn comes to visit

Oh Trader Joe's, how I just love you!  Yes, I did fit some shopping in for some of my favorite goodies.
When I got home from Florida, one of my bestest and closest friends, and also an old roomate, Carolyn, drove all the way from Philly to pick me up at the airport and spend the night in town with me.  She rocks!  She also had perfect timing getting into Baltimore as my plane was landing.  First stop was to my mom's to drop off all of my things, and then we headed out to dinner.  Again, it was Passover, but I was in luck this time...I was in a super Jewish hometown!
We went to this great Mexican restaurant called Mari Luna and this location is actually the Latin Grille.
Carolyn could enjoy the delicious popovers that they make here.
I was not as lucky, but you know you are in Pikesville when upon declining the bread during Passover, the waiter asks if you would like matzo instead.
Naturally some sangria was in order.
Carolyn ordered the jerk chicken.  She said it was great.
I ordered what might just be my favorite salad of all time.  I first had this at the other location when it was a special on the menu.  This location now has this as a permanent item on the regular menu.  This salad is lettuce, carrots, cucumber, tomato, avocado, fried cheese and topped with TONS of crab meat.  Real crab, not surimi, even though we all know I love my surimi.  This salad is so yummy!
Look at that crab!
After dinner we were off to Jilly's bar for a beer.  I usually go with Yuengling, but I decided to go with Blue Moon instead.
That was it for us on Saturday night because my plane didn't even land until 8:30 pm, and after 2 drinks, and carolyn played football all day, well, we were just exhausted.

The next morning, which was Easter, oh yes, I hope everyone had a good Easter and enjoyed their time with family and friends.  Where was I, yes, Sunday morning.  Carolyn and I met up with my sister in Hampden, but I was starving, so my sister brought me Passover food for lunch.  I managed to leave my house earlier and forgot to grab food for me for breakfast, so I was really hungry.  In fact, I was so hungry that I forgot to take a picture of my matzo and vegan cream cheese.  Not sure what product this was, so Rachel, feel free to comment on this.  She also brought me a baggie of cucumbers and pickles.  It was a fine range of products throughout the life span of the cucumber on it's way to picklehood.
We went into this great shoe and chocolate store called Ma Petite Shoe.  It was easter, so I couldn't resist taking some pictures of the chocolates.  I did manage to restrain myself and I did not buy any.
I must say that Sunday was the most delightful weather in Baltimore and walking around Hampden was fantastic.  Then Carolyn and I headed to my dad's house so we could go out to brunch.  We went to Donna's which was perfect because we could sit outside and enjoy the weather.
Suzie, my stepmom, had the three cheese omelette.
Carolyn and I were on the same page with tastes because we both ordered the portobello omlette with goat cheese and sundried tomato.  Delish!
My dad had the always tasty roasted veggie salad, but for some protein, he added grilled chicken.
After that, Carolyn and I headed to the Quarry where they built houses and shops after the quarry was no longer in use.  It was nice to sit outside and enjoy the weather, but after a while we needed to head in the shade because we were too hot.
So, that was it for my time with Carolyn.  I was so happy she could come visit me because I was not able to get to Philly during this trip.

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QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite brunch food?  What did you do for Easter?


Anonymous said...

I just love Blue Moons! Soo tasty!
I love ordering eggs for brunch..usually an omelet. I am not the best at making omelets so I like to order them when I eat out.
Glad you had a nice time with your friend!

Astra Libris said...

SO cool that they had matzah at the restaurant for you!! I'm so happy that you had such a wonderful Passover trip!! YAY for Trader Joe's!

Sweta (My Indian Dietitian) said...

As long as there are eggs-then I'm ok with anything for brunch!! I love Trader Joe's and I'm so glad they opened a store in our town!!!

MelissaNibbles said...

It looks like you've lucked out in the weather department for your trip. Sunny days!

Unknown said...

OMG you have my life! I was just @ Mari Luna on 3/25 and Donna's on 4/3!

For Easter we go to Matt's Aunt and Uncle in Bel Air. Lots of food and drinkies!

Special K said...

I want to Marry Trader Joe. What do you think he looks like? Definitely a beard, yes? Say hello to their homemade pizza dough for me. And the orange chicken in the freezer section.And the Raisin Bran Clusters, and gluten free granola....

Oh, Germany! Do you have a Trader Joe's cousin?

Astra Libris said...

P.S. I finally got the chance to catch up on your posts about the Passover seders - such gorgeous Passover deliciousness! I'm SO excited that you were able to find the kosher marshmallows!!! :-)

Rachel Lauren said...

It was Garlic and Herb Creamy Sheese! yummm.

Anonymous said...

What a great night out with your friend - and I love your omelet, sans the mushrooms - I love goat cheese!

My daughter makes this amazing tater tot/cheese/egg casserole for brunches - only it has like 8 ounces of cream cheese, full fat sour cream - but its so fricken good!

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

I've been to that chocolate store in Hamden = heaven! I love that area. It's so cute!

sophia said...

I love monte cristos...or croque madames! Sandwiches stuff for brunch :D

Love that the restaurant gives matzoh cool is that?

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Thanks for the giveaway shout out!!
It sounds like you had a great weekend. Sangria sounds sooo good right now. I prefer mine with red wine though, yum.
The bag of pickles is interesting. What a great idea, the "life of a pickle" I love it! I am such a pickle girl.
Your salad looks fantastic. I love crab, and I don't mind fake crab either. I buy it every once in a while at the store, for summer salads.
Favorite brunch food: Eggs and fruit salad, and maybe some French toast :)

Levinson Axelrod said...

The brunch dishes look very flavorful. Great post.

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