Dinner and Jazz

Sometimes it is just nice to go out to dinner and enjoy the evening with people you know.  Whether it is family or coworkers, or a special occasion or just getting out of the house, either way, it is nice sometimes to do something different.

In this case, it was not that it was a different restaurant because we eat at Os Moinhos, or the Mill, on a regular basis.  Ok, as regular as you can get around here.  Actually, the waitress remembers us and knows what wine we like and even remembers my purse and that I have a matching wallet.  Now, in the US I would assume she might want to steal it since she has obviously paid attention to it, but here, it didn't seem too out of the ordinary.  I think it might just seem American and that is why it stuck out in her mind.

The school was having an evening of Jazz music (for their group that raises funds for student scholarships), complete with a presentation on the history of jazz and some singing.  The dinner was 20 euros and included multiple courses.  Since one course was pork, they decreased the price for me (shhhh).  Here is what we were offered:

Cheese and olives
Wine, wine and more wine.  If you could drink it, they would bring it.  We had this red wine, and they also gave us some white wine.  In this picture you can see the screen for the presentation in the background.
The first entree was fish.  It was lightly breaded and fried.  I love that when they bread and fry it here, it truly is lightly breaded and lightly fried.  It is never oily.
Next up was the pork.  Ryan really enjoyed this.
Dessert was chocolate mousse.
We ended out dinner with a coffee and sat back to relax and enjoy the singing of one of the teachers from the American school where I work.
It was really a lot of fun, but it was on the late side when we returned home and I had class the next morning.  Oh well, we still stayed up and watched a movie.  So much for sleep!

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever attended a function like this?  When was the last time you participated in a fundraiser?

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Beth said...

I haven't been to a food fundraiser in so long! When we were kids the local fast food places would have school nights where a percentage of the proceeds went to the school. Now I just give money to charity through an automatic payroll deduction. Not nearly as exciting.

Mari said...

I would love a bite of the bread, cheese, and fish! food porn yuuuuuums

eatingRD said...

Looks like a great dinner and fundraiser! I've done a few food fundraisers, but nothing as nice as that :) that mousse looks delish. We are getting ready for a fitness-type fundraiser with the LiveStrong Century though. Have a great week!

Nicole, RD said...

What a fun event! I think fundraisers like this are gaining popularity, and yet I've never been to one! Maybe I need more friends? ;) The food all looks amazing! But again, your eats ALWAYS look amazing!

Lori said...

That food brings back such memories with the plating. The lettuce topped with meat and the salad. Served the same way in Brazil.

I've done fitness fundraisers, but now that I think about it I'm not sure I've ever done on associated with a dinner.

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