Pizza is the only way to end Passover

I started Tuesday off with this way too cute Chobani yogurt. Have you guys seen this before? Obviously I haven't because we don't even get regular Chobani at the commissary.  But I did spot this in my mom's fridge, and I just couldn't resist.  I liked it, but it was really thick, like pudding.  I ended up dipping some matzo in it because it was like a thick and creamy banana spread.
While we were in Hampden the other day, we stopped in to Squidfire to look at the cute and clever t-shirts.  I always wanted to buy a shirt there but I never did, so I treated myself to two.  If you like t-shirts, you must check out their website.  These were my purchases:
That brings me to the best part of Tuesday, the ending of Passover.  What better way to do this, than with pizza?!?!?  This is Joe Squared, and they make very good food.  Well, that is what I have been told by my parents.  This was my first trip.  The patio area was bumping.  While it is not in the bext area of town, it is near an art school (MICA) and therefore there are a lot of college kids around.  It is also not too far from Johns Hopkin's University.
The menu had some insane looking offerings.  I thought some were too cool and I took pics of the menu.  I did want the crab pizza, but my parents have had that before, so we decided to try something different and get the chicken, corn and apple pizza, well minus the chicken.
All of these salads looked awesome.  This is only half the list.
I was totally unaware of any gluten free beers, but I spotted this on the menu.  I was very interested, but I didn't order it.
The server recommended that I try the Hoegaarden.  I totally love that name.  It is a Belgian white ale.  I was pleasantly surprised by this.  It was really light, but then had a spicy after taste.  I read the label and it is corriander and orange peel.
You can really tell it is a white ale.
When you see all the food, please remember there were 5 of us at dinner, not just me and my parents.  We started off with housemade fried cheese ravioli and a spicy marinara sauce.  These were very good and I would recommend them.  If you are not a vegetarian, there was a meat version and I am sure they would be good too (well, if you like that sorta thing).
Calamari, which was also good.  They were just the right texture.
My mom had some crab soup, which I shared with her.  This was super good and on the spicy side.  Gotta love the Old Bay seasoning.
I ordered the crab and shrimp salad.  I seem to love the tomato, avocado, crab combo on a salad because this is similar to the one I love at Mari Luna.  This was a little different and it had shrimp too.  The salad dressing was cool too.  They added some Old Bay to ranch dressing.  I think I might try this at home with a lower fat version of ranch.
This is our corn and apple pizza.  I am thinking the chicken really added to it because it looked like it was missing something.  It was good, but it was just lacking some flavor, and I think that flavor was lost when we took of the chicken.
The other pizza for the table, which I obviously did not try, was a BBQ chicken pizza.  The only compliant from someone (my mom's friend) was the cheddar on the pizza, but I did like that flavor on our pizza.  I suppose that taste appeals to some but not others.  Her husband and my mom really liked it.  If you see the blackened edges here, that is because they asked for well done, they did not just decide to serve us a crispy pizza for no reason.
Close up of my pizza, which I promptly enjoyed.  the only funny part was that the pizza crust here is very thin, that it was almost like eating matzo!
QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite wacky or unsual pizza combination?  Have you ever had Old Bay seasoning?

I am in NYC now, making sure to fit in as much as I can and enjoying the good eats.  I can't wait to get those pictures posted.


Morgan said...

I ended Passover with pizza too, I couldn't wait! everything looks so yummy where you went!
Have a blast in Manhattan!

Mari said...

Ohhhhh you are in NYC??? you should have told us, we could have had a bloggie meet-up

I am going to check out that site, I love t-shirts with cute designs =) thanks for the tip!

Rachel Lauren said...

YES! Squidfire! <3 I love me some Squidfire.

Mmmm... Joe Squared.

One pizza I've been dying to make, but haven't yet... Is sweet potato, carmelized onion... and something else... I haven't figured out. But I think sweet potato and carmelized onion pizza...with soy cheese or no cheese would be amazing. mmm.

Beth said...

I haven't been to squidfire since they moved off the avenue! I need to make it over there. And I love me some Joe Squared!

Simply Life said...

oh that meal looks delicious!

Unknown said...

proof read your posts...Joe Squared is not in the bext area of town :P

I like white pizza with spinach and tomato, yum! I also like pineapple!

I have had old bay - I'm from B-more hon!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

I LOVE HOEGARRDEN!! That's one of my favorite beers. I'm glad you tried it and loved it like I do. I actually went through a huge Hoegaarden phase one summer, and then stopped drinking it, but now I'm back on it again :) It's a great summer beer!

So this pizza you guys ordered soundes fabulous. Too funny that it was as thin as Mazto anyway, oh well. At least it was delicious. Corn and apple?? Cray, but crazy good I bet! I have never tried Old Bay seasoning, no, but Nick swears by it.

Regarding your comment on my blog, I am glad they are doing the BL the safe way on the base! 1-2 pounds is what the REAL BL should do, but since it's for a TV show they just HAVE to be dangerous and daring!! SO LAME.

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