Sweetness, From Scratch

While we were busy making all of those great spreads and pita bread, we also had a craving for some homemade chocolate chip cookies.  We made these Saturday night, and they went fast!

Usually Ryan makes them using the Betty Crocker cookbook, but this time we decided to just go with the recipe on the package of the chocolate chips.  Either way, how can you go wrong with homemade chocolate chip cookies!
Um, so about these cookies, well we must have really REALLY wanted to get them made fast.  Niether of us actually read the directions and so we mixed everything together.  In reality, the flour was to be mixed in last after all the other ingredients were mixed together.  The good news is that everything did manage to come together into one ball and we had some cookie dough.  As long as it tastes good in the end, I guess it is OK to mess up a little on the instructions, right?
Mmm, cookie dough!  Yes, I admit to eating some raw.  Yes, as someone with a degree in public health, and someone very concerned with food-borne illness, I do take my own risk at eating the occasional dough containing raw egg.
Ready for the oven...
Look how perfect they came out.

These wire racks for cooling are the best.
I love that they are stackable and all the cookies fit nicely on them and can cooly before being packaged up to eat later.
I also have some pictures from last week that I still didn't post yet, so I though before this week was over, I should just get these posted.

First up is this granola.  I mentioned Michele's Granola before in a post because I picked this up in Baltimore.  My sister actually bought this for me.  It is locally made in Baltimore.  She picked the chocolate cherry flavor because, well, I like chocolate and cherry together. 
The good news is that this made it all the way back to the island safely and Ryan and I opened it the other night.  Look at that.  It is weird, but there was a lot of granola in the bag and I have no idea why the bag looks so long and empty.  I mean I ate some, but not all of it!
Here you can see the nice chunks and the cherries, which are a good size.  It was great with the chocolate and cherry combination.
I was actually eating the granola because I was hungry and my dinner was still cooking.  I got the strangest craving for matzo ball soup, and I have tons of boxes of the mix here, so I made some.  I love matzo ball soup.  I was also cold and this helped to warm me up.
QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite kind of cookie to make from scratch?  Have you ever made granola?


Beth said...

I used to love the recipe on the bag...but now i'm spoiled by the recipe from the BAKED cookbook. It's sooo good!

Unknown said...

my fave cookie is white chocolate macadamia nut - but really, i never met a cookie i didn't like...except Mr Oatmeal Rasin...BLECH!

Shannon said...

I need to have you move in with me for a week or two so you can cook and bake for me :)

I love chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies the best. But I like them chewy, not crispy.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Mmmm, nothing beats chocolate chip cookies! I like to add PB to my cc cookies :) I also LOVE no bake cookies.
As for granola, I make homemade granola all the time! My new FODMAPS recipe, which I posted some time ago, is loved by both Nick and myself, so I end up making it about twice a month (LARGE batches). I refuse to spend money on granola. Yep, I'm so cheap lately! But in reality, I like my granola best! And thankfully, so does Nick.

Simply Life said...

That granola looks great. Yes! I love making my own granola - it's so simple and so much cheaper!

Jessie said...

The Tollhouse recipe is one of my favorites - sometimes, you just have to go for what you want! I have to admit, I giggled when I saw your picture of the butter with the flour in the same bowl, because you must have REALLY wanted to make those cookies fast if you put all the ingredients together ;)

Where did you get that cooling rack?? I love how it's multi-tiered, because we have no space in our kitchen!

sophia said...

You're gonna bite me....but I really detest chocolate chip cookies. It's weird. I just really do NOT like chocolate chips, esp mixed with dough.
I think my favorite cookie though, would be biscotti. Something hard, crispy, and preferably not sweet. And not chocolate.

Anonymous said...

I think chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! Homemade is definitely the best way to go. That is one thing I never buy packaged!
Yours look great!!

Sook said...

Mmm... chocolate chip cookise! My favorite! :)

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