So we'll stick to Italian

In light of the OK Mexican dinner, the next night we headed to get some Italian at Buzio's.  Buzio's is the hot spot for Americans, mostly for the location, as many Americans live nearby.  Since the food is good and it is right on the water, this is a place where you can't go wrong.  Actually, it is starting to seem like you really can't go wrong with Italian anywhere.  I actually ate at a fantastic Italian restaurant in Sevilla, Spain.  Even Beth from 990 Square commented on having good Italian food in Prague.  So, what is it about Italian food that makes it hard for other countries to screw up?  I am guessing because it is easy to boil water and cook up some pasta.  But there is more to good Italian food than just plain pasta, and it seems many other cultures can whip up some tasty Italian.  Buzio's does a fine job as you can see below.
I think one reason we love to come here is the fact that they have some really good olives.
We also splurged on Caipirinha's, the sugary, very strong Brazillian drinks that are a specialty here.  I guess this was to make up for the weaker margaritas the night before.
Mmm, garlic bread.
I ordered the spinach and ricotta tortellini, served with broccoli and mushrooms, which were listed as portabella, but I think were some other variety.
Oh look at those giant mushrooms.
Ryan ordered the eggplant parm, which we ALWAYS get because it is just that FANTASTIC.  Since ryan ordered this and I love this dish, he was kind enough to split with me.  So I had half of this and he ate half of my meal.  Good thing he knows how to share because it was so worth it.
Now, when we started the meal we swore up and down we were going to get the bananas foster which they flambe tableside.  Obviously we were too full to even think about that idea once the meal was done, and instead enjoyed these coffees.
If you are wondering why we have been eating out so much, I think there are 2 reasons.  The first would be that I am still on vacation so I want to feel like I am on vacation.  I am guessing this does not explain it for Ryan other than I keeping talking like it is vacation time.  The second reason is more likely.  Since I have been back we just haven't gone to the commissary yet since it was closed the first 2 days I returned home.  Yes, we could have gone to Modelo instead, but out major grocery shopping usually includes the commissary, which is also cheaper.  The good news is that we will be heading there today.

QUESTION:  What was the best Italian meal you have ever eaten?


Simply Life said...

oh that tortillini looks amazing!

Beth said...

hmmm mushrooms!

The best italian food I've ever had is a tough one, since we spent two weeks in Italy in 2007 and almost every meal we had there was amazing! But the best had to be at this little mom and pop place off the beaten track in Florence. It was Tuscan style and so good!

Jessie said...

I'm glad you had a much better dinner today :) I hope you go back and get the bananas foster because I would love to see the pictures of them flambeing tableside!

The best Italian food I ever had was at this little restaurant in London - and I've been to Italy! I think we just weren't very good at choosing restaurants.

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

I was thinking of making tortellini with a mushroom sauce this weekend! It's a sign!

I had really simple Italian food in Italy. I loved the sauces made with just a few, fresh ingredients. And the amazing seafood... Plus, the simple house wine always went so nicely with the meals... :)

Have a great weekend!

Nicole, RD said...

Yummmmm! Those mushrooms look fantastic! Is a Caipirinha something like a mojito minus the mint? Sounds yummy! Kinda hard to believe a margarita can be bad, though! :)

My best Italian meal was cheese tortellini in pesto with squid. I took a lot of pictures, it was DELICIOUS!!!!!

Unknown said...

the best Italian food i ever ate was in Italy :) it was ravioli and it was sooooo good!

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