Baked goods heaven and beyond!

After a much deserved night of more than 8 hours of sleep, we woke up in search of more good NYC eats.  How could I visit new york and not get blintzes?  Off to the Edison for some cheese blintzes.  They are so good here.  I once took them to go and ate them semi-warm on the bus trip home...that's how good they are.
My aunt enjoyed some poached eggs on whole wheat toast. cheese blintzes.  If you are wondering how I ever managed to eat that much food, the answer is, I didn't.  No way could I eat all three, although I gave it a good try.
I personally like mine with applesauce.
Then it was off to Amy's Bread.  We have been coming here for years and always stock up on bread to bring back to Baltimore.
Look at those yummy baked goods.
I did get one of these challah knots.
Then we stopped in to Little Pie Company.  I can even remember getting desserts here when I was really young.  Since I was not only full from the blintzes and had just picked up bread, I sadly say I did not get anything here.  But that doesn't mean you shouldn't the next time you are in NYC.
Somewhere between here and there, I got a little bit of rest and we sat outside and enjoyed the gorgeous day.  Then it was time to head to the bus.  This time I took the Bolt Bus.  Pros: comfy seats, $13 bus ticket and outlet for charging electronics (computers, cell phones, DVD players were all charged on that bus).  Cons:  packed bus, seriously dirty bathroom, no toilet paper.  All in all it was a good trip and you can't beat the price. 

While we were waiting and enjoying the weather, it was almost, kinda, sorta lunch time.  I had food for the bus, but my aunt was running errands, so we searched for something nearby that was too junky.  Next thing I know my aunt is coming out of Lenny's with this beast:
Oh my was that a tasty PB & J, and I think it was on a whole grain flax bread.  Super ooey gooey and super good, and in fact, so filling I was barely able to eat my dinner.

Speaking of dinner, I had plans to meat with my friends Mer, Matt (who is also married to Mer), and Jenn.  I went to high school with Mer and Jenn, and college with Mer and of course Matt, as mer and Matt met at college.  Did you follow that?

We all met up at Cafe Isis, AKA Al Pacino Cafe.  I worked here for so many years and some of the same people are still there, so yes, on occasion I will help myself to something.  In fact, I found my cat out back here underneath the dumpster shortly after she was born.

Now, on to the food, which is why you are all here anyway.  I had the Masr, which is a pizza with falafel on it.
Mer had a salad with tandoori chicken.
Jenn had some falafel.
Last up is Matt, and he had the pesto chicken sandwich.
Dinner was delicious as always, but this place will always have special meaning to me, so I will always go there to eat.

You must think that after all that food, I couldn't possibly eat another thing...but you are wrong.  My mom brought home some chocolate tops from her office, and I HAD to have one.  These are a Jewish deli thing and I do not know if they are around in places other than Batimore.  I think maybe in Florida and New York, but not sure where else.  This is a chocolate top:
Look at that.
Then this morning, my mom asked me exactly how many I ate the night before.  I responded with two and she looked at me like I had 2 heads.  Look, let's face it, all I did was eat that day.  I then explained I ate one and about an hour and a half later I was still working and they were nearby, so I HAD to have another!

That concludes my neverending day of good food and good company.  I was also super excited to return and find out that my Chocbite, which I won from the fabulous Rebecca over at Chow and Chatter.  This company lets you make your own chocolate bar.  You select the chocolate and then all of the toppings.  I ordered dark chocolate with pomegranate jelly bellys and dried chickpeas.  I can't wait to try it.  I was so stuffed from my day, that I had packed it away safely and will enjoy it when I return to the island.  I am so glad it got here just in time before I head back.
QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite baked good?  Have you ever heard of or seen a chocolate top cookie?  Have you ever taken the Bolt bus?


Sweta (My Indian Dietitian) said...

Ooooh-I'm drooling just looking at all the baked goodies!!!!
The pizza with falafel sounds interesting-must try that.
Cakes are definitely my fave baked goods-actually anything sweet and when I've had too much then I tend to lean towards the savory puff pastry with some spicy fillings!
I haven't seen a chocolate top cookie here-i'm sure it will be on my list of faves ;)

chow and chatter said...

oh wow got to love NYC for good eats have fun

Mari said...

It is so sad that I live in NYC and I have never been to any of those place...

My fave baked good are Rainbow Cookies from Italian Bakeries!

Andrea@WellnessNotes said...

All the food looks amazing! Plus, great company. What could be better! And now I want some cheese blintzes... It's been a long time since I had some...

The custom chocolate bar sounds great. I'm sure you'll enjoy it! :)

Favorite baked good? I love bread. Pretty much any kind of bread... :)

Sook said...

I love finding good bakeries around town. All the great bread and pastries are making me super hungry! :)

Lele said...

This post contains all my faves! Falafel ON pizza?!?!?!
Also, I already had brunch plans tomorrow but now they definitely, DEFINITELY must involve blintzes.

sophiaaaa said...

Is 3 blintzes too much? I was actually thinking it's too small! But I'm a pig, so I guess my appetite can't be compared haha.
Favorite baked goods would be fresh, crusty, artisan bread like baguette, or muffins and scones! Oh, and bagels! A good NY bagel!

Jessie said...

When I go to NYC, all I do is eat, too. It's a given, I tell ya! I've got to check ALL of those places out. I'm guess you grew up in NYC?

Favorite baked good is definitely a warm, crusty loaf of bread, with a nice chew. With a really good cheese. Does that count? :P

Adeline Rem said...

I am the owner of and have noticed that you received your chocolate with pomegranite jelly beans instead of the pomegranite bits!!!! I am terribly sorry and would like to rectify the situation immediately!! Please send me your address again to

Simply Life said...

wow! great eats! I'm loving your breakfast...yum!

Gina; The Candid RD said...

Wow, this post is filled with some amazing eats!! That toasted PB&J looks so good. I want to start a restaurant that just sells those, but with all sorts of modifications :)

My favorite caked good would have to be brownies or some sort of chocolate chip cookie. Of course I also like cakes of all types.... I have had a chocolate top cookie and they were, ok. The ones in the picture above look a bit different though, maybe better? I like the soft icing!

I'm glad you are enjoying your trip!

Beth said...

Is that THE Amy's Bread I know only through the fabulous cookbook? Looks wonderful!

I took Bolt last time I went to NYC and it was nice. Better than the Chinatown bus...I was on one of those where they left someone one time!

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