Last day stateside, next stop Azores

I started the morning of my last full day by catching up on some important eats.  I had purchased this hummus and veggie sandwich the day before in NYC from Amy's Bread.
But, I wasn't so hungry, and there was no way I could eat the whole thing.  Instead, I went with a piece of this delicious looking sandwich.
Gotta love sprouts!
I also had a challah roll from Amy's, and I couldn't let this go to waste.  I ate half as I was heading out the go eat lunch.
I also noticed someone, I think Joe (accroding to my mom at least), brought these goodies home.
Before Rachel and I headed to lunch, we had to stop at Goldberg's Bagels so I could once again take a dozen back for me and Ryan to enjoy.  When Marie came to visit, she brought us a dozen, and I think we were holding on to one just so we were'nt completley out of them.  Now our stash is replenished.
They look so good!
Next stop: Fell's Point in Baltimore

Lunch was at Liquid Earth becaue you can never get too much vegan/vegetarian food while visiting the States.
Rachel and I both started with the miso soup, which had delicious mushrooms in it, and was served with very tasty bread.
Then we split the Philly Cheese Phake.  Yes, you heard me right, this is a cheese phake, complete with thinly sliced tofu and also some soy cheese.  It was fantastic, but a big mess to eat.  Despite the mess, I would order this again.
After walking around, we stopped by Pitango Gelato for dessert.  Actually, we had no intention of eating dessert because we were stuffed, but the samples were so good that we decided to get a small and split it.  As my sister does not do dairy, we stuck with the sorbet that they served.  No worries, the sorbet tasted just as good as the gelato.
Super shiny containers.
Look at that gelato.  So creamy!
We selected the chocolate orange and then the strawberry.  Both flavors were really good.
Now that we were stuffed, it was time to get back to mom's house before heading to our aunt and uncle's for our cousin's 17th birthday dinner.  Yep, oh yes, another meal, barely hours after lunch and dessert.

My aunt had picked us up some vegan burgers, but I had bought some items from Trader Joe's that I never finished, so I took them over and prepared those for my dinner.  For some reason, and I tried three times, this picture will not post any other way than this.  Whatever!  This was my chickenless cutlet.
It was really good.  I liked the flavor of the sauce.
My aunt and uncle did a BBQ and they were serving beans.  I was very impressed that they made vegetarian baked beans to go along with the meal.  I almost never get to enjoy baked beans, so this was a total treat.
Here was the birthday cake, but I had to head out before dessert time.
If you are wondering how I could ever skip out of a party before dessert, it was because I had to attend my second dinner of the evening.  My friend Marie had asked about Mexican food in Baltimore, so I suggested Mari Luna.  She said I was not the first person who suggested this, and I offered to take her there.  Since this was my last night and the only time we could fit it in, I decided to take her, but only get dessert since I was coming from dinner.  Last week, you may remember, we went to the Mari Luna Latin Grill, so this time we went to the smaller, less pricey (same owners, only blocks from each other) Mexican Grill.
and chips to start.
Marie ordered the very massive seafood paella.  Let's just say she will be eating rice for the next week.  She said this was fantastic.
As promised, I ordered dessert.  Who can resist sopapillas?  Certainly not me when I am in a Mexican restaurant.  These were really good.
Well, that was it for my very busy, jam packed with excitement, 2 weeks in the United States.  I am back on the island now and getting ready to relax a little.  I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever overbooked your schedule and wound up going to dinner (or lunch) twice in one day?  What is your favorite Mexican food?


Anonymous said...

It seems like whenever I am on vacation, I always end up eating alot. I don't know how that always happens. Sometimes vacations are revolved around food, that would be my only way to explain.
Looks like you had a wonderful time!
That salsa looks so yummy!

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

Love your vegetarian eats! I love sprouts too. However, I've been hearing a lot, especially recently, about the dangers of bacteria in sprouts. As an RD, do you know/recommend anything in terms of this?

Anonymous said...

Glad you made it back to your hubby safe! I've enjoyed reading about your outings while home. :D

Guacamole (without onions!) is my favorite!

Mari said...

OMG WOMAN so many great things on this post! First I want to go to Baltimore to try that Philly Cheese Phake! It looks so delish!

Also, I have to look for that "chicken" the next time that I go to TJ's....

AND YUMS I love those cookies! I need to visit a bakery ASAP! lol

Nicole, RD said...

Are you sad to be leaving? :(

Those mushrooms in the miso look incredible! So does the paella...makes me miss Europe (Spain!) so much!

I love enchiladas the most! But I'm not picky when it comes to Mexican!

Safe travels back over the pond!

Sook said...

Oh boy- All that food is making me hungry! :)

sophia said...

Love sprouts in sandwiches....I need to do more of that.
Marie's seafood paella has got me DROOLING like not other! What a bomb! Whoa!

Shannon said...

What a fun trip you had! I'm glad you were able to pack so much in...and so much good food too!!

Beth said...

I love, love, love Pitango Gelato. Always my favorite. We spend a lot of time in Fells, so we always stop to get some!

Special K said...

Bagels! That's one thing I miss, for sure (next to the frozen section of TJS)
Hey, do you have a good recipe for oat groats?

San Antonio Personal injury lawyer said...

Everything looks great and healthy. Thanks for sharing the Stuffed Chicken package.

Simply Life said...

YUM! Everything look sooo good - I love going out for Mexican food!

Unknown said...

MOLE MOLE MOLE! I am going to Chicago in May to have Rick Bayless make me Mole :)

PS - is it weird to eat 2 dinners in one day? i totally thought that was common place! srsly...

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