Tortellini Stew

One of the traditions we have with our grad classes on base is that we serve food during our classes.  When the professor is here, the class is Tuesday-Friday 6:00-9:30 pm and then all day on the weekend.  So, dinner during the week, breakfast and lunch on the weekend.  The past 2 classes I brought breakfast on the weekends, so I thought this time I could try out a dinner.  Since most of the class eats meat, I feel bad sticking them with vegetarian meals, but I know they are alright with this.  They even make sure that when they bring in food there is something on the side that I can eat.  I really appreciate this.

I used my Vegetarian Times cookbook and selected this recipe for tortellini stew.
What was nice about this was that it is a quick and easy recipe using both prepared foods and fresh ingredients.  I made a double batch to ensure everyone got dinner.  The original recipe said it made 6 servings and there were 10 people in my class.

It started with chopped peppers and onions.

I was able to buy some frozen tortellini at the commissary.
Here are some of the other prepared ingredients.  These are not all of the cans, but these are all of the additional ingredients.
Veggies in the pot with some oil.
Tortellinis getting ready to go.
With all the ingredients added and then it was time to cover and simmer.
The finished product.
Wow, this was really good.  Even male meat eaters complimented this dish.  I think everyone really liked it because of the flavorful salsa added to the dish.  Either way it get much better reviews than I anticipated, although I knew that I personally really liked this dish.  I would definitely make this again, especially for a party.

QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite kind of stew?  Have you ever used salsa other than as a dip or burger topping?  

I am also taking suggestions for what to prepare in June for my next class, so let me know if you have any ideas.


Beth said...

I love all soups. I'm not really choosy!

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Francine said...

I love cooking things in salsa! One of my very favorite recipes I came up with back when I was in college is for a veggie stew that's all cooked in salsa -- black beans, corn, bell peppers, onion and whatever else seems to fit all cooked in enough salsa to give it flavor but not really make it soupy. Then I serve it with rice or tortilla chips and a little cheese or sour cream. A little cilantro and lime top it off really well, too.

I've served it to many vegetarians and non-vegetarians and everyone absolutely loves it.

Unknown said...

my mom puts salsa on Salmon - blech!

I like chili! mmm.

Mari said...

Yums I think I want to try making that! That looks like a success....I wish I was in your class lol

Sook said...

I love tortellini! Love that you made soup with it. :) Yum!

Anonymous said...

Tortellini are my favorite! This looks great! I am not too picky when it comes to soups but tortilla soup is one of my favs. I have never tried making it though...I should!

Simply Life said...

I've used salsa in chili before and really liked it!

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

That looks good! Like Simply Life, I've used salsa in chili as well. I really enjoy VT. I'll get back to you on a recipe...I'll have to think of a vegetarian one that I know all my meat-eaters love.

Gina; The Candid RD said...

This does sound really delicious. I am a fan of stew, but I'll admit I prefer some tasty beef in there. Of course I would still eat this, and enjoy it but if you want my favorite it includes meat. Does chili count? That's probably my favorite. I love soups and stews of all kinds! I have used salsa as an addition to ground beef before. I mix it in then make the burgers. IT adds great taste and moisture!

Rachel said...

yum yum yum! I love the bright colors of those peppers! I actually don't make stew that often, I'm more of a stir-fry type. I need to expand though, thanks!

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