Mexican Food! In the Azores?

We have walked by this Mexican restaurant in Praia so many times, and we always want to try you can imagine, we were a little hesitant.  A few weeks ago I asked a local if the place was any good.  he said many people go there, but for drinks and appetizers, not really to eat.  Ever since then we had planned on giving it a shot, even though people do not typically go there for dinner.
First off, you really can't beat the view provided at this location.  Our table looked right out over the marina and the beach area.
They were going for an authentic look.  It was cute.
This is the bar area.
We started with margaritas.  Ok, we started with their version of a margarita.  Coming from Las Vegas, this is not exactly a margarita, but we'll take what we can get.  This is the only Mexican restaurant on the island.  This was more like a margarita flavored slushie.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but it didn't really seem to have any alcohol in it.  Oh, and it was blended, which is OK for fruity ones, but we were looking for one, you know, on the rocks...with salt. 
Next came the salsa.  Not what we were used to, but again, this is the Portuguese version, and it still tasted good.
Chips to go with it of course.
Ryan went with beef tacos.
They look good.  He actually said they tasted good, but we can see how there would be a potential for this food to be bad...very bad, depending on what you order.
I ordered shrimp and lobster enchiladas.  How could I not order this when we are sitting by the ocean.
I was a little disappointed to discover it was fake lobster.  I guess I should have known better when the entree cost only $12.50 euro, which is about $17 US.  Oh well, it still tasted good. 
Then we ended with some coffee.  They did have Mexican coffee on the menu, but we stuck with the traditional stuff for the island.
My guess is that we will probably go back and eat there again, but not on a regular basis.  It seems the Italian restaurants do a little better as these are what we visit on a regular basis.

QUESTIONS:  Have you ever eaten Mexican food somewhere other than the US or Mexico?  If so, what did you think of it?  Have you ever eaten any other ethnic foods in a country other than its country of origin?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

I ate Mexican food in Mexico, but that's it (and the US) never anywhere else. I need to do more traveling, let's face it.
I agree with you that margaritas are BEST on the rocks with salt. In fact, I won't have it any other way!
I'm glad you enjoyed your food, even though it was fake :( I love that you guys try all these new restaurants!! Nick and I haven't tried many new restaurants lately, since we are saving our money, it's so so so hard!!

Simply Life said...

YUM! I LOVE Mexican food - I'm very envious of this meal! :)

Beth said...

I remember looking at mexican restaurants in europe and going "eh no." Particularly in England, we saw some places that seemed to be serving ketchup instead of salsa!

I think our most bizarre food out of place story was Italian food in Prague. We were in Prague for our honeymoon and I hated the food (it's very meat and potato heavy) but then we ended up finding this Italian place I LOVED so we ate there three times!

Mari said...

It sucks that the restaurant was not THAT great, especially since it is the only Mexican restaurant on the island =/

Unknown said...

Mexican fail! stick to Mari Luna lol!

this is like asking someone if they got a crab cake on their recent trip to should have known better - LOL!!


Special K said...

Mexican sucks here...way better in Colorado, but I lived there THREE years ago (and went to High School there...ah! Chubby's Green Chili)...but you know what rocks, you do! Your comments always uplift me, thanks!

Rachel said...

nope, never eaten Mexican on the international scene. But that place does look cute! Thanks for your comment~I completely agree with you about the tricky nature of natural and organic labels. have a good wekend!

sophia said...

I've heard Seoul has Mexican food. I'm curious to try their version!

eatingRD said...

love trying new restaurants even though it didn't turn out that stellar :( at least you tried! I've never eaten 'mexican' anywhere but here in the US, but I'd love to try real ethnic Mexican cuisine. Have a nice weekend :)

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