Finishing up a fantastic Florida trip

By the third day in Florida, I was finally able to get to the fruit I had requested my grandparents buy for my breakfasts.  These berries were perfect with some cottage cheese.
Oh yes!
Lunch was at Houston's right on the water.  The wait was way too long, so we settled for eating inside.  This was another restaurant where I did not expect to have trouble finding Passover friendly food, but it wound up more difficult than I anticpated.
Grandpa had some clam chowder,
He also had a nice, big salad.
Grandma went with a cheeseburger, minus the bun, with a side of couscous.
Now, my order was interesting and creative.  This is the smoked salmon appetizer.  Usually it comes with what looked like pita chips, but I got it plain, because, as you know, it is still Passover.  This was so good though, so if you ever go to Houston's, order this.
I felt like I needed a carb of some sort, so I ordered a baked potato.  The server asked what I would like on it, and listed thinkgs like everything, sour cream, butter, bacon...and I was like...plain, please.  But then I had a thought, and sure enough, they had some salsa.  This was really good and I felt like I ate something different from what I had been ordering over the past few days.
After lunch we took a look at this nice, big, fancy boat.
Dinner, yes we are now at dinner.  Ok, we did do shopping in between all of this eating, and I did do some work too, but mostly, we did the eating thing.  So, for dinner we went to a new sushi place near there house called Rise.  I haven't had sushi in so long, so this was a nice treat, and easy to do during Passover.
It is always fun to watch the guys.
Who can go to sushi and not get edamame?  I know I can't!
My grandparents had some wonton soup.
I went with the miso.  There were all these mushrooms in there and I swear I thought they were noodles and almost had a panic attack because it is Passover.
This is what my grandfather always orderes, so this night was no different.  This noodle dish usually has shrimp and chicken, but he likes it with just shrimp.  Obviously I did not get to try it, but it looked good.
I had the JB roll, which was salmon and cream cheese.  I do not like seaweed paper at all, and I was happy this place had soy paper.  This is what was used here in place of seaweed.
My grandma ordered this, well the server recommended it because it has soy paper already and no seaweed.  This was called the Yellowstone, and had shrimp inside.  It is topped with cooked sea bass.
It was delicious and I would get this again.  I am glad grandma let me try this out.
After dinner, we went next door to Yogurt Emporium.  I go here every time I am visiting, but now it is under new ownership.  Still as good as ever.
They always have lots of flavors.
Lots of toppings too!
I ended up with a medium (should have ordered a small) with chocolate and peanut butter.  Inside was my "topping" of chocolate sprinkles.
Just to prove I did do some things other than eat, here is a bag of my goods from Nordstrom's.  There was tons of cute things here.
Now, on to my last day in Florida.  Since it was too much to try and sort through menus and food that was acceptable to eat, we decided to go to the Club again so I could have salad bar.
I was so sad that i could not eat any of these because they are so good.
Thankfully they had some matzo for me instead.
My grandpa ordered matzo brie (AKA fried matzo) because I really wanted some, so he shared with me.
Grandma had gazpacho.
She also had a scoop of egg salad to enjoy with some matzo.
I hit up the salad bar one last time.  Yummy!
Since grandma ate the chocolate muffin, well in my name of course, I splurged on the fro-yo with chocolate sprinkles and mini-m&m's.
One last pic of the family.
The end to a perfect trip in Florida!

QUESTIONS:  What is your favorite memory with your grandparents?  Do you call them sprinkles or jimmies?


Beth said...

My grandmom always took us to Friendly's when we were kids. I used to get so excited about that happy ending sundae.

Jimmies...although Noel tells me that's not PC.

MelissaNibbles said...

It looks like you had a fabulous trip. I'm so jealous of all the froyo trips! I wish we had them where I live.
I like putting ketchup on my baked potato :)

Sook said...

It looks like your had a wonderful time in Florida with all the good food! I love fresh fruit, too. yum!

chow and chatter said...

oh so cute wish I could see my grandparents more, have loads of fun

and cool your going to Morocco!

FoodFitnessFreshair said...

Glad you had a great time in Florida! Cute pic at the end! Sushi and fruit....good foodie weekend!

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