Operation Wedding Cake Transport

Meet our wedding cake:
This was a divine tasting cake, absolutely heavenly.  Yes, I did eat a piece at the wedding, well a bite, and the rest was packed away for me to enjoy later at my mom's.  This cake was from Debi's Cake Studio in Baltimore and she did a fantastic job creating this cake based on the two photos I saw in her studio.  Everything on the cake is edible.  The red bouquet was mine and the cream colored flowers were for my sister.
Flash forward, 11 months...Here is the top layer of my wedding cake that my mother had so kindly kept for us in her freezer.  
The plan: Transport this cake to the island so Ryan and I could enjoy it as the tradition goes of eating the top layer of the cake for your one year anniversary.
Mode of Transport: In this box!
Wrapped in foil, wrapped in a towel, and good to go.  Yes, I did check this idea out with TSA as I had no intention of getting to the airport and finding out they would not let me through security without my cake.
So, how did we do...SUCCESS!  Here is the cake, which made it through security, on to the plane, on a transatlantic flight, and then to my house on the island.  All in one piece!
In order to try the cake, we had to first remove the bow from the top.
We were warned that the top layer, after being frozen for a year, would not taste so good, but we were determined to give it a try.  Actually, it is not quite our anniversary, but I was hesitant to refreeze the cake and defrost again in a month, so instead it went in the fridge for a day, and then on the counter for about an hour, and then we could cut into it.
Ryan did a nice job of cutting the cake.
Look how beautiful it looks inside.  This is a white cake with a layer of chocolate cream and then raspberry cream.
Here it is from a different angle.  I was truly amazed that it tasted this good.  I think the key is having an amazing tasting cake in the first place.  Our top layer tasted just as good as the rest of the cake on our actual wedding day.  All I can say is WOW!  What a great cake!
And wow, it's been almost a year since our wedding day!

Operation Wedding Cake Transport: SUCCESS!

QUESTION:  If you celebrated your wedding over a year ago, did you eat your cake at one year, and if so, how did it taste?  If you are married less than a year, did you freeze your cake and do you plan on eating it?  Just curious about other people's experiences.  For those of you not married, what would your dream wedding cake look like?


Gina; The Candid RD said...

That's SO AWESOME!!! I'm so glad it survived the journey. Your cake was beautiful (and still is!). I'm glad it still tasted as good as your wedding day. Nick and I have been talking aout getting married on a cruise ship and he says the cruise will make my cake. I keep telling him NO WAY. The cake is the one thing I have been looking forward to my whole life. UNlike most girls who think about their dress or honeymoon, I think about THE CAKE!!! I want something spectacular, but I don't know what yet. NO FONDONT! I can't spell, but I don't like that stuff, unless it's someone who really knows what they are doing, because it can actually taste pretty good.

Beth said...

We froze our cake and we did pull it out a year later, but it was DISGUSTING. Our cake was from Charm City Cakes (yes those folks from Ace of Cakes)so it was a good cake to start with, but I think the problem was it wasn't wrapped properly. I know now from all of my cake baking experience that cake needs to be triple wrapped in plastic, and then in foil to store it for that long. our cake was just in a take out box with some plastic around it. Not good.

I think for our five year anniversary next year I might try to recreate our wedding cake, but we'll see!

Beth said...

are you going to share some pictures for your anniversary?! I would love to see them!

Simply Life said...

what a beautiful cake! my cake top stayed at my parents (out of state) and we never thought about shipping it here so after 2 years I told them they could just throw it away :(

Lori said...

Oh my gosh, I can't believe you made it all that way with you cake! That is awesome! It is beautiful by the way. My mom has a cake decorating business so she made our cake and we had a separate top to save and eat at our 1 yr anniversary. We did eat it, but that was about 6 years ago now. Hard to remember! :)

Unknown said...

red velvet is the way to go. our cake was awesome, even a year later. Check out all of our antics here:



Mari said...

What a beautiful cake! and congrats on getting it back to the island in one piece!

Happy Almost Anniversary!

sophia said...

Wow. And I thought wedding cakes all looked pretty but tasted horrible. That looks incredible!!! Thank god it survived the trip!

Anonymous said...

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Jessie said...

Wow, what a gorgeous cake! I'm so glad it survived the journey through airport security! I've always herd that frozen cake doesn't taste so great after a year, but your mom must have done a good job freezing it.

We didn't save any cake from our wedding (we ate it or gave it all away), because the woman who made our cake said that we get a free little cake on our 1 year anniversary instead! Now that I think of it, we were married almost two years ago and we still haven't gone to pick up the cake ... hmm...

Melissa said...

Haha, wow! Awesome job lugging that cake through the airport. And glad it still tasted good!

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